Key Words And How To Use Them

If you decided on development of a site, you most likely came across such notions as key words. It was chosen for a reason and the faster you learn to deal with key words, the better for you because of it to attract attention of Internet users.

Key words are words, which describe the topic of a website or text and are used by search systems in order to achieve relevance of the search results. In other words, you are to describe your website by means of key words and such search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing and others basing on such a description includes your website into search results while processing of user searching related to your topic. In order to understand key words, they may be compared to hash tags used in Instagram and Twitter.


Why key words are important?
Composition of key words lets to identify your website clearly. If to choose key words right, it is a guarantee that web search engine will include your link to your website into all the relevant queries.

How to choose key words right?
Compatibility and usage of key words will be a guarantee of successful search optimization of your website. Making a list of key words is not easy but interesting process. Imagine yourself in your potential customer`s shoes. Those are going to be primary key words for your website. A key word might contain a few words. 3-4 words in a query are the golden mean while making key words.

In the following steps,you are to define how your primary list of key words coincide with real search queries. By means of Google and Yandex services for choosing key words, one may easily receive a statistics of primarily made queries and will find out how high competition is. A query may be tied with geographical areas and also receive different combinations of keywords to the specified set of words.

Key words, which are characterized with a big number of monthly average requests, as a rule, obtain a huge competition. It makes it to where internal search optimization and choosing key words is not enough to become a leader of search results.

Where to use key words?
There are a few areas where to put key words among which are titles and description of the website and every page in particular, subtitles, contents, internal and external links, textual descriptions to the images.

Why it is better not to overfill a website with key words?
Search systems identify those cases when there are too many key words used very well. For example, too many of key words or their being irrelevant to the content of a website. In such case, search engines punish wrongdoers to the point that the pages of the website are spammed with keys may be excluded out of indexation.

In order to accomplish search optimization of a high quality of a website and not to make a real mess of things, be sure to look through the mistakes made in search optimization let alone other illegal methods, which may make search engine angry about your website.

It goes without saying that correct usage of key words will let attract new users to the pages of your website and what is the most important it is free of charge!

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