Rajasthan:The Land Of Memories

Rajasthan the land of kings, memories, ancient forts and monuments, desert and much more with the name Rajasthan there are so many things that will hit your mind like desert, royal palaces, camels, Rajput, colorful dresses etc. actually Rajasthan is famous for all these things.  Rajasthan welcomes innumerous visitors included foreign also that explores its beauty everyday and fascinated with the customs, habits, language, food and ancient forts. There are so many places in Rajasthan to visit and hundreds of festivals and customs that you have never seen before anywhere.

Rajasthan the land of kings
Now we are going to discuss about some of the popular places of Rajasthan that will make you restless and you will surely want to explore Rajasthan then:

  • Pink city of India:
    Jaipur is known as the pink city of India because of its pink colors building. The whole city is designed in such an artistic way that will make you crazy about it and there are so many ancient places are here that you can visit and the amazing thing about it is that there are different stories related with those forts that enthrall you. There are local market places also in Jaipur that offers everything to tourists of Rajasthani culture. The famous spot of Jaipur is Amber fort, which was the palace of Rani JodhaBai.
  • The city of lakes:
    Udaipur is known as city of lakes. This city is famous for beautiful lakes and its art and architecture. The whole city was architected in a Rajputana style that shows the impeccable beauty of Rajasthan. There are so many tourist spots here like temples, forts, various palaces and market places. Now most of the places have been converted into hotels. Kumbhalgarh fort is the famous place to visit there, which was the birth place of King MaharanaPratap.
  • The sun city:
    Jodhpur is known as Sun City of Rajasthan as it has sunny weather throughout the year. This city lies in the middle of Rajasthan and has some wonderful attractions to attract the tourists such as various hill forts, palaces, ancient monuments etc. there are some stunning places in jodhpur to visit that makes it extraordinary than other places such as Clock tower that is a famous landmark of the city, Umaid Bhawan palace that can compete with any of the 5 star hotels and palaces, Mehrangarh fort and so much to offer.Rajasthan
  • The golden city:
    Jaisalmer is known as golden city as it looks like gold during day time. It get the name of golden city because of golden desert as the city lies in the middle of Thar desert and also constructed by the use of golden desert and standstone. This city has so much unique places to offer you and there are some among of them to visit definitely like:Jaisalmer fort that looks amazing in day and tells you the glory of Rajasthan, Patwonkihaveli which is famous for its magnificent architecture, sam sand dunes and various places that you can visit.
  • The city of delicious food:
    The city, which is famous for its food and forts, are Bikaner city. Bikaner city has lot more than forts and temples to offer the snacks of Bikaner are so much famous in between tourists. Bikaner is the must visit place in Rajasthan if you want to feel the authenticity of ancient rajasthani. Here are list of some places that are famous for its splendid architecture and boasts the tales of Rajasthan: Junagarh fort which is famous for its inspiring architecture the fort was designed in the mixture of Gujrati, Mughal and Rajputana style of architecture, Lalgarhplalace that is made up of red sandstone and designed in Mughal, Rajputana and European style, Karni Mata Temple and much more to visit. Bikaner can offer you the real taste of Rajasthani cuisine.
    6.    The holy city:
    Pushkaris known as the holy city of Rajasthan, which is famous for brahma ji temple and Pushkar Lake. Pushkar is so much famous among foreign tourist. There is a five day fair held in Pushkar, which is very famous in that the people buy and sell the livestock and enjoy the local dance, music and food of Rajasthan. Visitors come from very far places even from foreign to enjoy that dance and music of Rajasthan.

There are so many places still left to visit in Rajasthanlike hill station of Rajasthan Mount Abu, Chittorgarh, Alwar, Bharatpurand so many places. It is a never ending list so next time plan your trip to Rajasthan and explore its beauty.