First Time Dads – What To Expect?


Becoming a dad will be one of the most memorable and biggest achievements in your life. Make the most of your paternity leave and kickstart your life as dad in a fulfilling manner. In the longer run the initial time you spend building a bond with your baby will …

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5 Things Men Can Do to Strengthen Their Relationship

Young happy couple

Men mostly feel that they are doing their best at showing up for their family, and still, they are coming home to an unhappy partner, feeling unappreciated and criticized. Sometimes there seems to be no end in sight, and you think there is nothing you can do to fix …

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Health Risks Faced By Men


Studies have shown that men visit the doctor less often as compared to women and whenever they visit the best Banora Point medical centre, they are likely to be diagnosed with more serious conditions than women. The best Banora Point medical centre agrees with the fact that men are …

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History of Various Haircut Types & Designs for the Gentlemen

Welcome to the golden era of short haircuts! Stylish men are taking their locks back from the cultural looks, & the results are decadently dashing. With deep ties to the rock and roll era, this cut is as smooth yet slick as it is suave and sophisticated. Long haircuts …

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Popular Indian Traditional clothing for Men


Each culture has its own set of culture and traditions. And with each culture and traditions, comes a variety of different traditional clothing styles, which brings out the very essence of each culture. India is known for its festivals and its big fat Indian weddings. Thus, one has to …

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How to stay fit after 40 (for men)


Habits whether they are good or bad ingrained deeply when anyone is in their 40s. When a man is past age 40, then staying fit is seems a little difficult because even after exercising regularly. Managing weight and staying fit becomes a difficult job. But don’t forget, it is …

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Aging Doesn’t Mean Balding: Oral Treatment for Men’s Hair Loss


Time keeps moving, human keeps aging. It is a natural phenomenon that we can’t refuse, but should embrace with acceptance. As one grows up, after all, he or she probably becomes wiser, hopefully becomes a better person than before. Of course, the harder part to deal with aging will …

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