10 Cute and Simple DIY Home Crafts

Everyone loves to have a home that is beautifully decorated. Imagining you impressing your family members and friends with your home décor and you have them thinking about how you made the décor.

Adding a feel of your touch on your home décor can make your house feel like a home more.
Regrettably, decorating a house can cost a fortune and its quite expensive. Most of the homes that you see in magazines and TVs actually cost a lot of dollars for it to be decorated.

Do you want a place that is so beautiful and you can call yours without you emptying your bank accounts? Luckily for you, there is something you can do.

Listed below are the best 10 cute and simple DIY home crafts. These crafts are very easy to do, it’s affordable and it makes your home look fantastic. These crafts will give room for an inexperienced to an expert home decorator or even make the expert be more creative.

If you have been thinking to add something new to your house for a while such as buy a new coverstitch machine for your home crafts, these affordable projects make you do so without excuse. Save up your money for things that are more important.

Chalkboard wall paint

chalkboard-wall-with-acorn-drawingYou can put up a chalkboard on where you can paint. This crafts works very well for kitchens and also kids rooms. They are very magnetic and it gives you the opportunity to be very creative.

Materials needed

  • Sandpaper
  • Spackling paste in case you would need to fill some minor imperfections or nail holes
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Screwdriver which is flat head
  • Paint roller which is smooth


  • Make use of the spackling paste any imperfections or nail holes inside your wall
  • The entire wall should be sand smooth
  • The edges of your wall should be taped
  • Making use of the paint roller, apply the chalkboard paint, leave it to dry thoroughly before adding the 2nd coat on it
  • Prime the wall with a chalk after its completely 100% dry.
  • After that, you clean the wall entirely and you are through with the craft.

Wine Cork Rack

books-and-wine-rackYou can turn your wine corks into a necklace that is stylish which you can use to display your pieces of jewelry.


  • Firstly, you look for some wine corks that are lying around, if you don’t have, you can ask your friends. Then a picture frame, you would also need a cardboard which you will cut to fit into the frame, glue gun, and mug hooks.
  • Lay your corks out and be sure they are enough to fit perfectly to your frame.
  • After laying them in a pattern that you want, make use of the glue gun and glue the corks to the cardboard.
  • Twist the mug hooks that you have inside the hooks this would help you to hang your earrings that don’t have a post, likewise bracelets and necklaces.
  • Now you can place the cardboard that you have cork covered into the frame and get it hanged on the wall

Gold Flower Pots

frame-mockup-with-white-vase-and-golden-flowerGive your home a nice look by spraying your flower points with a metallic gold paint.


  • Flowerpot
  • Dropcloth or cardboard box
  • Safety equipment such as dust mask, safety glasses, and gloves
  • Metallic Spray Gold


  • Scrub the pot firstly by making use of warm water and soap and make sure it rinsed well. Allow the pot to get dried thoroughly.
  • Bring out your safety equipment: your mask, safety glasses, and your cardboard in order to protect the surface that you want to spare on. Set up your cardboard in an area that is well ventilated.
  • On the cardboard, put the pot you want to spray upside down.
  • Then shake your paint can for at least a minute before you start
  • Evenly spray the pot and let it dry. Turn the pot over and also spray the parts that you have missed and the tops.

Chandelier White Feather

modern-apartment-with-sticky-notesThis is a very easy DIY chandelier and it can give your kitchen or dining a very unique look


  • White feather trim
  • Glue gun
  • Paper lanterns
  • Light kit that is pendant


  • You will start at the paper lantern bottom, you have to position the feathers to trim in order for them to go past the opening
  • From the first row top, start the next row of the feather trim 2 inches to make another circle. Keep doing this until all the bottom half of you is covered.
  • When you want to cover the top half let the rows of the feathers be closer like 1.5 inches apart.
  • When you have reached the top, the ribbon edge of the trim should be lined up with the lantern top when you are about to complete the pendant.

Moroccan Dream Stencil

ceramic-cups-and-leaf-stencilsWith a cardboard, you can make your wall a Moroccan theme. The best thing is the theme can be changed by painting it over.

Materials needed:

  • A large cardboard
  • Paint of your choice

DIY Nightstand

nightstand-isolatedYou can actually change your old table into a useful and unique nightstand for your bedroom. First, you would do is to take an old table you aren’t using anymore, cut the table into two equal half, paint them into any colors you desire and make it dry. After it was dry, then you can put them up against your wall.


  • Woods
  • Saw for cutting
  • Nails or screws
  • Any color paint of your choice

Mosaic CD Mirror

attractive-woman-at-the-mirror-in-beauty-studioThis is a very fascinating and unique home craft that would wow people that visit your home. Doing this you need a mirror and a lot of broken CD’s you can lay your hands on or bad CD’s. different kinds of CD’S can be used for you to get different colors. Glue the CD’s to the mirror with the glue gun and allow it to dry. The look is incredible!

Materials needed

  • A lot of broken CD’s
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mirror

Handwritten Canvas

artists-bedroom-with-canvasYou can make the boring walls in your more personal by the writing of expressions, favorite quotes, song lyrics and so on. Inscribe them on a blank canvas and hang up on the wall when you are through.


  • Paint to color your canvas with
  • Colors of any marker of your choice
  • Lists of what you want to write down

Candle Crafts

candlesThis home décor is great to be used for indoor and outdoor. They are very easy to make. You need just some candles, large washers, glue, something that can cut the rod, spray paint and square rods.


  • Candles
  • Spray paint
  •  Square rods
  • Washers
  • A saw for cutting the rod

Custom Shelves

inside-pet-store-shelves-with-accessoriesTo make this home craft you need lobby brackets that our hobby and also a piece of wood. You can make a choice of the type of wood you want and have it painted in any color you desire.


  • Pieces of wood
  • Any color you wish to paint it with
  • Screws
  • Lobby brackets


Anywhere you are in this life, there is a home craft project you will be able to do in the space of thirty minutes or half a day depending on which you want.

You can always think outside the box, there are a lot of things you can do.

About the author:
Jennifer Kessler is a maverick by heart and profession. She strongly believes in choosing the difficult path as it encourages you to step out of that comfort zone. And her work mainly revolves around that theory. She creates engaging content that is easy to relate to. But, at the same time, her posts challenge you to think in another way.


Note: The images found in the post is not the exact or actual DIY crafts that outcomes.