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8 Unusual Kinds of Sport, Which Is In Fashion

For a long time, there are many similar ratings online, which are very different from each other. The question is, what is meant by the popularity of sports? Judging by the number of TV viewers, the 2008 Olympics in Beijing became the absolute record holder, followed by more than 1 billion people. If we take into account the number of people involved in this sport, then athletics will take first place with a base of 300 million amateurs in the world.

Therefore, compiling the most favorable rating of the most popular sports, we proceeded from the calculation of twelve different factors.

Extreme Sports and Its Differences and Similarities from the Traditional Sports

Criteria used:

  1. Infrastructure;
  2. Viewship;
  3. Number of professional leagues throughout the world;
  4. Television contracts;
  5. Sponsor contracts;
  6. The average wage of a sportsman in the big league;
  7. Number of provided countries;
  8. Social media activity;
  9. Showing in the sport media sources;
  10. Relevancy during the year;
  11. Gender Equality
  12. Availability for the masses.

There are more and more new kinds of sports every year. Not every athlete can keep track of sports trends, what can we say about amateurs. We have prepared for you the top eight most unusual sports that come into fashion.


Squash is a sports game, originally comes from England. According to one of the versions, squash was invented in London prisons: the prisoners beat the ball to the high wall with racquets.
At first glance, squash is similar to tennis, but you should take a closer look, and there are significant differences: a special court with marked walls, rackets with a weight not exceeding 160 grams, and a rubber ball.
Some players: two or four.


Curling is a sports game on ice, originated in Scotland at the beginning of the XVI century. In 1873-1876, the offices of the Royal Curling Club opened in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and then they served to entertain foreign diplomats. Russian citizens began to play curling only in the early 1990s.
Two teams are competing in the game, each with four people. Players run stones on ice, trying to push the opponent’s marbles out of the target or “home.”


Triathlon is a sport that combines several types at once. Summer: swimming, cycling, running. Winter: running, cyclocross, and ski race.
Three sports that are overcome consistently and without stopping.
The triathlon grandfather – the race “La Course des Debrouillards” – appeared in France in 1920, it consisted of running and cycling distances, crossing the Marne Canal. The first triathlon competitions were held on September 25, 1974, in the USA (California) and in 1995, the decision of the IOC triathlon was included in the program of the Olympic Games.

Pole sport

Pole sport is a sport, which is often taken for striptease, but in reality it is a mixture of acrobatics and choreography. Air-acrobatic exercises are performed to music directly on the arches – long vertically installed steel pipes.
At the moment, pylon sport as a sport or discipline is not officially registered and not included in the All-Russian Register of Sports. However, despite this, the movement in Russia is actively developing, and numerous tournaments are proof of that.


Wakeboard is an extreme sport. It appeared in parallel with snowboarding in the early 1960s. The main difference between wakeboarding: instead of the snow-covered slope, the athlete uses a boat or a winch and water surface.
The main equipment of a wakeboarder is a wakeboard – polyurethane foam or wooden board with a certain deflection – a rocker.

Alternatively, simply skibob is a winter sport, which is downhill from the mountains on a special sleigh that looks like a bicycle.

Such sleds are called snowballs. They have a bicycle frame and skis instead of wheels.

The first mentions of this sport date back to 1892, but then the skibob did not catch on because of the inconvenient design of the snow bike: the ski was attached to the frame in the front and the wheel behind. Now the snow bike is on two skis.


A workout is an amateur sport that includes exercises on horizontal bars, parallel bars, wall bars, etc. The focus is on working with its weight and the development of strength and endurance.
The idea of training with its weight originated in America, the world learned about this sport through videos on YouTube. Since 2009, a workout is not only an amateur sport but also a separate subculture that has tens of thousands of fans.


Zorbing is perhaps the most unusual sports entertainment. It is about the fact that an athlete descends from a mountain or crosses a reservoir in a select transparent ball called zorb.

Zorbing is the Frenchman Gilles Ebersolt invented a rather young sport, the first ball for descending from the mountain in 1973, and 20 years the New Zealanders Dwane van der Sluis and Andrew Akers improved later Zorb.


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