Aging Doesn’t Mean Balding: Oral Treatment for Men’s Hair Loss

Time keeps moving, human keeps aging. It is a natural phenomenon that we can’t refuse, but should embrace with acceptance. As one grows up, after all, he or she probably becomes wiser, hopefully becomes a better person than before.

Of course, the harder part to deal with aging will also present. The declining physical ability to do the usual activities, the declining senses, as well as the change of physical appearance will affect us, no matter how small. Also, some problem is rarer than the other. Practically everybody experience their hair getting white and their skin wrinkling, but not every man experiences their head balding.

Men’s hair loss and pattern balding can be more burdening than other aging sign because not everybody experiences this. It can affect their self-worth and confidence. It can make them stressed out and unhappy.

If you are one of them, first of all, you don’t have to be so down from this fact. Even if not every man goes bald, actually around 50% of men suffer the same fate. Not only that you’re not alone, but there various treatment options for men hair loss as well as pattern balding you can do to keep your hair on your head – including consuming oral medication.

Why Men Lose Hair or Even Goes Bald

Hair loss or alopecia is indeed more common around men than women. This is because male hormone testosterone, as a man is aging, is converted by enzyme Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) into other forms that causes hair follicles to shrink and stops producing hair.

Hair loss and pattern baldness are two different thing, although the latter is usually preceded by the former. Pattern baldness starts with hair loss around by the hairline, then there will be thinning on the temple and the crown, creating a horse shoe pattern around the back and the sides of the head. The pattern baldness usually stops at the horseshoe pattern, although in lesser cases it may makes a man goes completely bald.

Of course, the process of these patterns balding doesn’t take a little time. The hair loss may start as early as when a male is in late twenties, but it usually only starts showing pattern baldness after 50. It doesn’t mean that young male should ignore it, since the thinning of the hair may show already.

Hair loss can be triggered by many factors, including stress and the habit of pulling hair – either by hand or certain hairstyles such as tight braids or tight ponytail. It can also happen because of illness, surgical procedure, or consuming certain medication. Meanwhile, pattern baldness is hereditary.

Treatment Options for Both Alopecia and Pattern Balding

Pattern baldness doesn’t harm anything – except maybe your pride, if you take your hair seriously. It’s natural part of life after all. It’s the same case with hair loss, except if the hair loss is caused by certain illness. If you, however, want to prevent either hair loss or pattern baldness, then there are various treatment options available for you, from hair transplant to oral medicine.

Cosmetic surgery such as hair transplant, scalp reductions, and flap surgery will last for a long time, but for now not many men considering these options due to the high cost. Using wig is also a cheap and non-intrusive as well, but it is certainly not convenient.

Other treatments for alopecia and pattern baldness are alternative treatments, but the effectiveness of these practices hasn’t yet proven by scientific research, unlike oral medication. Some of the alternative treatments are homeopathy, acupuncture, and aromatherapy.

Most of men prefer to use medication to counter their hair loss and pattern baldness problem. There are two types of medicine for this:

  1. Minoxidil lotion is topical medicine, available in the market with the name Regaine. Applied by smearing the lotion on the scalp. It is considered OTC, and just like OTC, it works on some and don’t work on some. You can find it easily in any pharmacy. According to Men’s Health UK, around 60% of its consumer feels the benefit of using Regaine.
  2. Finasteride is oral medicine, available in the market with the name Propecia. It works by blocking enzyme DHT from converting testosterone into its other form that can cause hair loss. Propecia is not OTC medication, and has to be prescribed by a physician. According to Men’s Health UK, around 80% of its consumer feels the benefit of using Propecia. Propecia is available in two types: the 1 mg type and the stronger 5 mg type. Make sure you buy the 1 mg type to treat alopecia, since the 5 mg one is for a different condition called BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) or enlarged prostate.

Both Minoxidil lotion and Propecia can be used at the same time to get the maximum benefits of both products. They can also be combined with shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products that treated hair loss and pattern baldness.

Where Can I Get Propecia?

You can get Propecia from any pharmacy around you, but under a physician’s prescription. You can also get Propecia from trusted online pharmacy, after having an online consultation about your health condition to ensure you are eligible to consume Propecia. Buying online can also give you price reduction compared to buying from the brick-and-mortar pharmacy.

If you are worried about ordering medicine online, just make sure to buy it only from registered company with clear contact info. The Independent Pharmacy is one of the registered one, and it is regulated and secured by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), General Pharmaceutical Council, and NPA (National Pharmacy Association).

The Independent Pharmacy also provides free online consultation. Answer the question honestly, so the pharmacist can ensure that you are safe to consume Propecia. You can also use the consultation session to find out more about other treatment options for male alopecia or pattern baldness. If you’re interested to get Propecia online, you can start your free online consultation right away.

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