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Eight Budget-Friendly Office Decorating Ideas for Your Small Business

Embarking at the mission of renovating your office? Well, it looks like you could use some ideas. If you are renovating your small business office all by yourself for the first time, then I have a few tips for you to decorate your office. You can just follow these tips and build your dream office without splurging. Money is often a problem when it comes to doing tasks like renovating an office. If you follow my advice, you are sure to have this problem solved with no advice.


Get A Writing Board 

The chances are that your work demands some creativity from the employees and they are going to need a writing board for it. A lot of offices now have the whiteboards, but that can be a little bit expensive and a bit too conventional for you. Have you thought of any other option available? Well, one of these options is that you can use some chalkboard spray paint on the walls of your office, and your employees can then use it as a chalkboard. It looks cute and won’t cost you a fortune either. You would just need to stock up on some colored chalks.

Throw Pillows

I love the cozy and homely office and I know I’m not the only who does. There are so many ways in which space can be made welcoming and comforting, but the easiest and cheapest way is adding some cushions to your workplace. A bright orange pair of cushions on off-white lounge sofas in the rest area would instantly make the area appear far more interesting.

If you don’t have a sofa in your rest area, you can use a rug and some throw pillows to create a comfy sitting area. With throw pillows, you have numerous options to consider.

Furniture That Is Ergonomic
I’m not saying that ergonomic furniture is cheap, but well there are some things that you cannot compromise on, and therefore; you must splurge on them a little bit. A standing desk is one of them; it lets your employee adjust the height of the desk, they can switch between sitting and standing as they work. Sitting on a desk from 9-5 is the worst form of torturing your own body, so you should consider facilitating your employee by betting some standing desks instead of the regular one. You may find cheap adjustable desks here.

 Keep It Clean
Another important rule of your office should be that it must be kept clean and space must be free of excessive stuff. Now let me tell you how it saves up on the cost in the long run. If you keep your space free of clutter, you won’t need to clean up often, and organized places tend to deteriorate a lot less than places that are not neat and clean. Try to keep the desks a no-eating zone. Rules can lead your employees to carefully use the furniture and actively keep the office clean.

Brighten It Up
Lighting does not have to be expensive, y’all. I’m not saying you have to add top-notch chandeliers to the workspace. Why don’t you try to give your workspace ceiling a bit of an industrial touch and add some hanging bulbs, especially if you have a wooden ceiling? It looks incredibly stylish, and it is probably the cheapest way to brighten up your office. Also, prefer the choice of your employee when it comes to picking the lights. Some may prefer getting white lights installed, and others might like the softer hues of light.

Add Some Planters
They come in all sizes and shapes and happen to be the cheapest piece of decoration that is sustainable in the long run, and provides freshness to the atmosphere. Opt for tiny planters that can be placed in the corners of a cubicle or in the windows; there is a wide variety of indoor plants that you can select from, my favorite is the snake plant however it requires some tending to.

If you do not have enough space for keeping planters, hang them from the ceiling with the help of macramé plant hangers. I’m sure your clients would love the look and vibe of your place.

If you have a small business, the chances are that you have a small space as well and cramming too much in a tiny space won’t lead to any fun. Don’t get me wrong; I completely understand that having a receptionist is very important for your work. But honestly, rethink and ask yourself if you really do need a receptionist and a reception desk. Those of you who do not have a lot of walk-in clients are better off without a receptionist. Instead, use a system of guided floor markers in bright colors that lead clients to the right rooms in your office. It will add a touch of uniqueness to your office as well.

Ventilation & Air
A sullen atmosphere is the best turn-off for your clients! You need to focus on the air and atmosphere of your office for the health of your employees. It is also imperative that you install a nice air freshener in the office (my favorite is lavender.) You should try to fix things outwardly but also work on how things feel; our sense of smell can determine our moods, and therefore; our reactions towards something.

Similarly, ensuring that there are enough windows in the room and the air crosses well through the rooms is important. If you cannot keep the windows open at least have a proper ventilation system for your employees. An airy place will keep your mind healthy and active, so it’s a good bet to invest some money in it.

I hope these tips were useful to you; I’m sure there are many other ways in which you can upgrade your office without having to spend money. You can use a thrift store coffee table, for example. Play with your options and find out what you can recreate, I’m sure you will love it.

HannahAuthor Bio:
Hannah is an interior designer by profession, and she knows all the ins and outs of using the right quality of the furniture and accessories for home decor and workplace. She is also a blogger who loves to write about the home and office maintenance tips and tricks. Read more about her posts at ergoedge.co.