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Busting the Common Myths That Surround the American Flag

Every American would definitely know the importance of displaying the American Flag in their home. It’s a way of showing love, respect, and honor to the efforts of all heroes past. However, when you invest in Handcrafted wooden American Flags, do you actually know about the myths that tag along with the flag? Like any other thing, the American flag also attracts myths and rumors that so many people end up believing.

What about myths that say it’s illegal to burn down the American flag? Do you believe in that? Was Betsy Ross actually the first person to make American flag as we know today? When the flag touches the ground, does this mean you have to destroy the flag? As you read through below, this post should address some of the common myths that hover around the America Flag.


1. Throwing the American Flag Away is Illegal
Thousands of Americans consider throwing the flag away from a poor etiquette and a quite disrespectful act for sure. It seems as though one isn’t appreciating the efforts of soldiers who did so much for the nation’s freedom. However, throwing the flag away is not something “illegal.” The code of the flag states that the preferred way to destroy the flag should be with dignity, preferably, it is best to burn it. The best way to do so is to take the American flag out, where the members and the veterans then hold a special ceremony to dispose or retire it.

A similar myth that most people are that burning the flag is also an illegal act. However, burning the flag is more like a public act, of destroying the flag intentionally, but it’s not something illegal. It’s true that for several years, it was illegal to desecrate the American flag, but in the year 1990, June 11, the Supreme Court declared some of the laws against burning were unconstitutional. According to the Amendment, it is not right for a government, whether it is local, state or federal to prohibit the act of desecration because it is a symbolic speech.

In an ideal situation, if the flag appears worn out or doesn’t serve as the symbol of the country, the best resort is to burn it is an honoring manner. This is a common act you will see on 14th June each year on Flag Day, where people hold a flag burning ceremony in a dignified way.

2. The First Person to Make the American Flag was Betsy Ross
In majority American home’s its common to see handcrafted wooden wall art flags of the Betsy Ross, such as a reclaimed wood wall art from American Echoes. However, while several tourists would enjoy giving the Betsy Ross as a gift to homeowners, many aren’t actually aware of the lack of historical evidence for the old tale that follows it. Yes, so many people regard the role of Betsy Ross in making the very first American flag as a myth.

Although some actually believe that Betsy Ross’s story behind the flag is actually true, others accept the story did not particularly appear until the 1800s, when William Canby, her grandson was the one to popularize the famous old legend.

Based on history, the story of the Betsy Ross is actually a tenacious piece of fiction that includes the flag. The truth is there is no historical evidence, bills of sale, diaries, letters or newspaper accounts that clearly say Ross had a hand in designing the flag before it made a debut in the year 1777.

3. Washing or Cleaning the Flag Is Not Allowed
This is clearly another common myth. There’s no actual evidence to clear this rumor, but it’s just a rumor that you need to discard. If your American handcrafted wooden art flag is dusty or the material is dirty, you definitely can clean or wash it. If your wall art frame is dusty, you can use a clean, damp cloth to wipe it clean. This actually does the trick to keep it clean, and if your flag is a material, you can dry clean it too.

4. It’s Inappropriate to Display a Flag with Less Than 50 Flags
Each star on the American Flag represents the 50 States of the American nation. This leads to the myth that you cannot have a flag that has less than 50 stars. You should know that the American flag is actually never obsolete, this means an approved flag can fly well with honor, no matter the stripes or the number of stars that it contains. \

5. You Must Destroy the Flag That Touches the Ground
Some people also believe that if the flag touches the ground, you have to destroy it. However, if this happens, you can still continue to use the flag, as long as it’s presentable and clean. You should try to avoid your flag from touching the ground, but rest assured there’s no need for you to retire Handcrafted wooden American Flags, even if they brush on the ground for milliseconds!

Rest assured that whatever you hear about the American flag; do not believe it unless you are sure of it through extensive research. These are just the myths and the facts you need to know, for more, you can explore the internet!