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The Designer Luggage Set Pre-Buying Tips to Never Ignore

Before you travel, undeniably, there’s something quite satisfying about investing in a cool luggage, and definitely, you need a designer luggage set to match! The fact is that traveling, strolling in the airport with coordinating bags actually feels luxurious, and makes the entire experience awesome. These days, traveling with luggage sets is the new trend; it prevents people from the hassle of searching for their luggage that comes on the conveyer belt.
It ensures that you spot the luggage, since sets come in the same design, color, and style and all that varies, is their size.


Why Should You Consider Buying Sets?
Have you just made up your mind to buy matching luggage sets? It could be that you use different sets, maybe a duffel bag for your personal items and a school bag for other handy items, but that’s just odd. So why should you consider investing in luggage sets like Mia Toro?

A Bag for Every Occasion
A misconception that people have is that when they invest in luggage sets is that they must carry around all the pieces. However, that’s not true. In fact, sets give you chance to choose travel with a size that is appropriate for the duration of the flight. Most people are not aware of the dimensions of the suitcase they need, but sets let you carry the appropriate one under the guidelines of the flight attendants.

Locating Them Is Easier
The best part is when all your bags match; this makes it a lot easier to find them after a long flight. You will know exactly belongs to you and the pieces that are missing (rarely happens, but just in case), especially if you go for customized options with patterns or luggage of the same colors. While traveling, it is always a wise decision to go for sets, since you can find the bag easily.

Durability All Through
When you choose Italian luggage sets, you should know that high quality and durability is what makes them special. The fact is that once you send your luggage through to the cargo, you have no idea of what the in-between processes actually include. Yes, it’s likely that the luggage goes through extensive mishandling, and a poor quality luggage will only damage the luggage. The best quality luggage will be able to withstand all the tossing and throwing that comes its way. Also keep in mind that investing in a good quality luggage will mean it will last for years to come, especially if you plan to travel extensively.

Easy Storage
Not all luggage of different sizes can fit together, but luggage sets do fit like Russian nesting dolls! This is something good, especially if you live in a small house or an apartment, it could be a great help if you tuck all of the pieces together one into the other and store them under your bed.

5 Pre-Buying Tips to Never Ignore!

  1. When you head out to buy luggage sets, you need to know that 2 and 4 wheeled bags are different and each one of them has a name. The four-wheeled bag goes by with the name spinner, and two-wheeled ones are the rollaboard. The spinners often lost packing space to make more room for the extra wheels.
  2. Luggage sets often have zippers in their interior liners, which makes it easy to access the handles and wheels, in case they need repairs.
  3. You should make sure that you keep the proof of the purchase you make. This could sound a bit silly, but this is actually easy and it also takes up less packing space. Even if it’s an invoice or a receipt, you could keep it safe in a bag or in a plastic bag. This is handy when you have to take the bag for repair to the company you bought it from, who often ask for a proof of whether you bought one or not.
  4. Before you invest in a luggage, you should be sure of the warranty. Go through the warranty and you should get a clear understanding of what it covers and what it doesn’t. Usually, warranties cover the materials, and workmanship defect, and rarely the airline damage. Keep in mind that this information is only possible to find on the product page of the website, and the manufacturer’s website.
  5. In addition, make sure that you inspect the luggage the moment it comes to your doorstep. One of the last things that you would want is to discover that the luggage actually has some defects. You should inspect the zippers properly, and check whether it has any signs of scratches or tears in the fabric. Check the wheels whether they roll well. In case of any defects, it is important that you report the problem as soon as possible or there would be no chance to refund the item later.

Before you buy a designer luggage set, make sure that you consider these few tips, and it should help you to make a worthwhile investment. You also have to choose the best one between hardside or softside luggage, so make a well-informed choice.