Difference between On-page and Off-page strategy

Search engine optimization has been changed a lot as it was in its early days. Now days are gone when stuffing keywords and back-links brought the ranking for a website. In this era of technology, getting a high rank on the SERP is not that easy. Modern SEO is more focused to provide the best user experience instead of the search engines’ crawlers. There are two significant strategies that play the main role in the SEO of your website. These two are On-page and Off-page strategies. For applying these two strategies rightly on the websites, people avail of the SEO services from renowned companies.

Today let’s discuss these two highly important strategies in detail. Know all the factors which are essential and attached to these two strategies. And, understand how they would enhance the ranking of your website. In addition to this, know what the exact difference between these two is.

What is On-page strategy?

seo-search-engine-optimization-paper-notesThe on-page search engine optimization technique’s primary purpose is just to drive the more and specific traffic on a particular web page. This SEO strategy includes both HTML source code as well as the content. The main purpose of this strategy is for getting a higher rank in the SERP. On-page SEO is what you can control yourself. This includes links, animation, videos, images, audio, text, and others. For improving the quality of a page, it is the best practice that focuses more on the relevant content and technical traffic.

There are numerous aspects of a web page that can optimize the on-page SEO of a website. Their aspects include-

  • Headings
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Speed of the website
  • Internal links
  • Keyword optimization
  • URL structure
  • Others


Headings get a little more weight by the search engines than any other words on the page. They should be attractively written because of headings highlight in the pages. If you want to improve the SEO of your web page, then include the target keywords into the headings. Remember one thing that always includes the keywords in the headings only when they make sense. It reflects what web pages contain. That’s why heading considers one of the main aspects and it is an important on-page SEO element.

Title tags

Title tags are another significant element of on-page SEO. There are various best practices that help is writing an effective title tag. The title tag should be descriptive, effective, relevant yet short. It helps to attract customers to visit your website. It also aids in improving the rankings in the search engine result pages. This is the main element in a web page.

Meta descriptions

A meta description is a short description that is used for describing what your web page contains. It should be unique and effective from other websites. Also, write a Meta tag in a very distinct and impressive manner so that it encourages a customer to open your webpage and see what your page.

Speed of the website

The speed of the website is also an effective and very important On-page SEO factor. If your website would have high speed, then you would get more visitors and traffic on your website. Otherwise, both the traffic and ranking of your website will go down.

Internal links

Internal links are essential if you want to get indexed and top rank in the SERPs. Good quality internal links are ideal for the users to find specific content on your website. You can ignore this On-page element if you want to be on the top position in SERP.

Keyword optimization

It is the prime factor of On-page SEO. But be careful; don’t mix the keyword optimization with the keyword stuffing. Avoid the keyword stuffing in your content because it can result in a penalty by the search engines.

URL structure

One of the best practices of the on-page SEO is that it includes the target keyword in the page URL. It helps in optimizing the ranking of your website. It is the ideal way to uplifting your web page.


Website responsiveness, content, video, and others are other important elements that are essential for the On-page SEO strategies and need to do in a proper manner if you want to stand tall in this high competition.

What is Off-page strategy?

Off-page SEO includes all those activities which you can’t control directly but indirectly it play a huge role in the ranking of a website. It mainly focuses on improving your website domain authority by getting various links from the other sites. It mainly depends on the other websites for increasing your website ranking. It primarily deals with the link building that helps to enhance the position of your website on Google.

Let’s have the look at the aspects of Off-page SEO strategies which you need to focus on-

  • Link building
  • Bookmarking
  • Social media marketing

Link building

Add external links to your website if you want to increase the ranking of your website in the search engine result pages. It is an important off-page SEO factor. Link from the high rated website towards your website boosts your website position. It is not directly in your hand but surely an effective way of increasing the rank of your website.

Social bookmarking

It is another significant off-page strategy that helps to enhance the traffic on your website. Also, it elevates the position of your website. Bookmarking your page and linking it to your content will be helpful. So, try this incredible SEO strategy.

Social media marketing

Social media optimization is a highly important off-page strategy that drives the huge traffic on your website. This is the time when almost every age group people have their social media accounts. So, Social media marketing is an essential off-page SEO strategy.

Difference between On-page and Off-page strategy

After reading the above points, it is now clear to you what the on-page is and off-page SEO strategies and how they are beneficial for a website. The difference between these two strategies is that on-page is a direct method and off-page is an indirect method. But the purpose of both types of SEO strategies is the same because both are used for enhancing the ranking of your website.

If you are thinking to avail the cheap SEO services for driving the more relevant traffic on your website and boosting your website position, then hire a reputed and trustworthy company for that. Hope you enjoyed this read and it would be helpful for you.

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Here you would get to know the significance of on-page and off-page SEO strategies. In addition to this, here you would understand the main differences between these two important strategies along with their benefits for your website.

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