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Feel the Adrenaline of Scuba Diving in Hawaii

For people who think of Hawaii as a place for rest and relaxation, the first associations on this magical island are sandy beaches, cocktails, and hula dancers that are waiting for you at the airport. However, those adrenaline addicts, who like active holidays, know that the Hawaiian archipelago is one of the most beautiful places to explore and see the underwater world.

During the summer season, when weather conditions allow it, tourists can enjoy diving tours. Although each of the eight islands is unique with beautiful nature, experienced divers recommend scuba diving on Oahu Island.


Oahu Diving Attractions

Because of the volcanic mountains that formed the unique overground and underground relief of this island, Oahu is the right place for adventurers. Everything you can see during scuba diving tours is an once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will want to repeat sometimes.

Since earthquakes and eruptions are frequent in this area, you must know that the relief below the sea level often changes. Some places that you have visited, maybe next time won’t be there.

Colorful Reefs

The appearance of Oahu Island is continually changing. Most of the relief is made of beautiful coral reefs that are several hundred millennia old. What is interesting is that corals are animals, not plants; these formations actually represent the deposits of dead animals’ skeletons. You can read more about this here.

The continuous activity of the volcanoes affects the creation of cracks in the reef and walls; this is how incredible underwater caves are made. Diving in these parts of the island is a real challenge and is not recommended for beginners. It requires being in good shape and a lot of experience, but once you feel it, you will be aware that it was worth the effort.

Incredible Underwater World

The island of Oahu has very vivid flora and fauna. The best way to explore these is if you decide to dive. In some parts of the islands that are not available to bathers and boats, the water is so clear that you can see several tens of meters in depth. However, for adventures on these spots, you will need an experienced guide.

In these places, even in the shallows, you can see many sorts of fish that will amaze you with different sizes, shapes, and multicolored sherds. Your diving instructors will warn you about species that are toxic. You really should avoid contact with them. You don’t want for rash and blisters to be your memory of this adventure.

Cliff diving

If regular scuba diving is not a challenge for you, you can combine it with cliff jumping or exploring the waterfalls. On the Oahu are some of the most beautiful waterfalls on Hawaii, which hide mystical caves behind their cascades. Some of them are accessible only by underwater path. So, adrenaline seekers, this is something for you.

Shark cage dive

If you think that jumping of the cliff is extreme, what do you think about the eye-to-eye experience with a shark? Or dozens of them? Think of this as a unique way to face your fears. Of course, you are provided with a large metal cage and experienced professionals who take care of your safety. If you look at this sea predator as part of the sea ecosystem, you can relax (more or less) and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that surround you.

Tips for Diving Beginners

If you are attracted to the underwater world, and you finally want to dive below the surface, there are some rules you have to follow. For the best experience, you’ll need the best preparation.

  • Be sure of your swimming skills. Fear will only stop you.
  • Check your health. Some conditions do not allow the underwater stay.
  • Learn about beginners’ courses. Professional trainers and diving schools should have all required licenses and certificates of the safety of equipment.
  • Go to organized diving tours with a guide until you are assured of your diving skills. It may take years, but your safety is in the first place. You won’t lose anything if you have a professional by your side.
  • Learn to breathe and do not panic. Check with the guide all the equipment before you dive in.

Find more detailed tips from experienced scuba divers on crystaldive.com/blog/tips-for-scuba-beginners.

So take a deep breath and go. Enjoy the miracles of some other world, which is not easily accessible to us and which will remain a mystery.