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An Introduction to Google Nest Hub: It’s Time to Optimize your Life

Voice activated technology today has become quite commonplace in a lot of different parts of the world. And this has been a direct outcome of the developments in the field of Machine Learning and AI.

Remember the first Iron Man movie?

Where Tony Stark had Jarvis, a butler, not a person but a cyber entity which took care of all the household needs and more.

This has now become a reality with all the voice activated cyber assistants; Siri, Alexa and the like.

And wherever there is technological innovation, Google is going to be there in some way or the other.

Here, Google has brought forth the Google Nest Hub, to give you complete control over home automation aspects. And let me mention it upfront that they are doing pretty well in this field.

I’m going to discuss all things related to Google Nest Hub, here in this article. So let’s dive right into it.

The Google Nest Hub: One of the Best Things you can Buy in 2019

Google Nest HubIt has indeed been some time since Google Assistant has been in the market. And as such, from the developmental feedback loop, it has turned out to be a technology worth the money.

Parallelly, Smart Homes have been on the rise and many people have adopted this. And being the supply to that incessant demand, various companies from various industries have obliged.

The result?

A sprawling network of Smart Home gear, with powerful systems behind them for purposes of control and automation.

Now as it comes to Google Assistant, it’s capable of connecting and working with most of these devices.

For example, if you happen to have the Philips Hue smart home lighting systems, you’ll be able to hook it up to the Google assistant network. Then from there, you may use it as you wish for maximum comfort and efficiency.

A Truly Smart Display System

Before getting into all the details of the Google Nest Hub, which is Google’s entry into the smart displays business, I need to make clear what a ‘smart display’ actually is.

Well, this isn’t a Gutenberg’s Press level of innovation, but a combination of the Google Home and a screen. That’s how the name becomes smart display, where smart is from Google Home, and the screen is the ‘display’.

And what makes this unique?

It depends. Consider this the same as the Google Home, but with a 7” screen where you can watch stuff.

Other than that, it works just the same as Google Home would, with voice commands, system integrations and all that.

What makes this particular smart display product so cool is mainly Google Assistant, with all its bells and whistles. Not only will you be able to use this comfortably within your Smart Home framework, but you’ll be able to watch photos and videos on this as well.

The Look and Feel of this Device

Looks wise, this isn’t something completely unique and resembles just another tablet. You’ll be getting a 7” inch screen nevertheless, with proper display output.

As far as the in-hand feel goes, it’s quite snug to the grab and you can carry this around easily.

But where this falls short is with the size of the display. Because of the fact that this is meant to be a part in the home backdrop, a mere 7” screen isn’t going to matter to anything in that scale. Be it for watching movies or other random video content.

But, if you’re okay with a voice-activated assistant with a normal display to show you all the necessary information, then this is just perfect for that, as you’d be getting exactly the thing that you want.

The Unique Selling Points

With all the different smart display devices that are available in the market, this one isn’t going to be anything drastically different from the entire lot.

What makes this unique is all the ways in which you can use the Google Assistant to your advantage. To demonstrate this, let’s take the case for the Routines feature of Google.

You can set this up in a way to help you with running your morning routines.

After you wake up, wish the Google Assistant good morning, and from there you can get everything. From weather forecasts to all the finer details regarding your commute.

Then, there are all the connections that you can make with the other Smart Home devices. And do almost whatever you wish from there.

Now as for the display, you can use this as a photo frame with complete access to Google Photos. The latter needs no introduction, in terms of features and usability. You’ll be able to set it up as per your fancy to display photos that are special to you.

And you’ll be able to control all of that just with your voice.

Feeling tired and out of motivation? Ask Google Assistant to display some motivational quote or the other.

Want to put up a curio of a memory so dear to you? Ask the Google Assistant to display a photo of the same. You’ll have to have those photos in Google Drive, and once you have that it’s just a simple voice command away.

A Trusty Kitchen Buddy

This is where the screen of the Google Nest Hub can be really advantageous.

There are millions and millions of cooking videos on YouTube, with recipes of food from every corner of the world. Now all of that will be available for you right within the confines of your kitchen walls.

Better yet, all of that is just a mere voice command away.

Now, you can watch and cook your favorite recipes, and also discover new ones while you’re on it.

Getting Full Command over the Music you Enjoy

Music is always going to be there, no matter what kind of technology you might be using. And the same goes for the Google Nest Hub.

Here, you’ll be able to enjoy all the music that you want to and control playing all of that with your voice command. And that’s where it starts.

Once you purchase this device, you’re going to get a year’s worth of YouTube Premium subscription for free. You’ll be enjoying all the music and visual media without any of those annoying ads.

Along with that, you’ll be getting the brand new YouTube Music with a vast library. Spotify, Pandora, and all these services are going to be available with that as well. You can connect any of these and enjoy all of it.

So, listen to all the music you want and when you’re done with that, you can command Google Assistant to stop that.

You can set music alarms as well to wake up to your favorite tracks.


The Google Nest Hub will be hitting the shelves later this October, 22nd to be precise. And you’ll be able to grab a hold of that for $149.

If you want my recommendation on this, then I’ll say that you can best enjoy this if you’ve got the entire range of Google products. The level of system integration and voice control you can get, will be absolutely unprecedented.

Better than that, if you’re planning on revamping your home into a Smart Home, or already live in one., then the Google Nest Hub can be the perfect addition to that.

Now, AI is involved with this which is getting progressively better. So you never know how much sophisticated these things can get. So, might as well be a calculated early adopter, say what?