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11 Healthy Christmas Presents For The Women in Your Life

With a few more days to bask in the Yuletide spirit, you are probably in a lot of dilemma over what to gift the women of your life.

Now, giving that perfect gift is no less of an art. It takes time, a considerable amount of research, and a lot of knowledge about her taste (if she’s into healthy eating, she might like an instant pot. If she’s looking for something to de-stress, she might like a foot massanger).

All these points considered, we have done the hard work for you and curated a list of gifting options that you can browse through before you take your pick. These are the Christmas presents that she’ll definitely appreciate.

  1. Meditation monitoring gadget
    For that individual on your list whose New Year’s resolution has consistently been to make enough time for meditation, this monitor is probably an ideal gift. This gift would be perfect, considering it can help alleviate the stress of work or bring down frustration while searching for assignment help. The meditation monitor tracks your meditation sessions by analyzing your breathing patterns and movement, similar to a fitness tracker that keeps tab on your steps and heart rate. As opposed to a fitness tracker, it’s really fancy to wear.
  2. Self-care set
    For the woman in your life who really deserves some pampering but never treats herself, you can gift an extremely useful self-care set. The self-care kit may contain a massaging roller and silk eye mask, and it will surely turn out to be the right amount of indulgence she needs to de-stress and unwind.
  3. Sleep and Wake-Up Light
    The daily stress can get the better of us in multiple ways. In that case, what can be a better gift than waking up with a peaceful state of mind to the sound of songbirds? With this alarm clock, waking up early isn’t nearly as bad, as it can imitate the gentle rays of the sun to wake you up. The lamp even comes with a nighttime mode that enables it to simulate the sunset to gently lull people back to sleep.
  4. Foam Roller
    Foam rolling is a remarkable way to loosen up after a rigorous gym session (or a day of carrying the burden of the world on your shoulders). Simply put, your female friend who is a self-proclaimed fitness freak or a cousin with a stressful job (like an assignment expert or stock broker) is bound to love it. For those who are clueless about what this does, this vibrating roller cuts down on the feelings of pain while accelerating muscle recovery.
  5. Soup Bowls with chopsticks and spoons
    If you thought you couldn’t attain enlightenment with food, are you even a true foodie? This gift will be perfect for that female foodie friend of yours. The bowl is designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. What’s more, the bowl can be used as a cup also. So, whether she is slurping down the cereals or sipping green tea, she can sit back, chill out, and bask in the glorious simplicity of her life.
  6. Set of healing crystals
    Now, this might seem a tad bit weird to most people out there, but Celebs like Jenna Dewan and Miranda Kerr are apparently obsessed with crystals. And they have good reason to be. It was reported that specific crystals could be beneficial to promote relaxation. If your female friend is interested in alternative medicine, then you can definitely check it out as a gifting option. However, the crystals don’t serve as a replacement for any medical treatment.
  7. Boxing Gloves
    Boxing doesn’t only serve as a great workout; it can also help with mental health. So, if you know someone who is a fitness enthusiast and has been looking forward to trying something unconventional like boxing, this could be a perfect gift for her. Not only will these allow her to avoid the stranger smelly gloves situation, but the lace-up closure also ensures that it’s gentle to her skin, so she can punch like a pro.
  8. Electrically heated foot warmer
    This would prove to be the perfect gift for your mother who barely gets the time to rest, considering she has to shoulder the responsibilities at home and at work. So, it’s time you help her put the daily stress of her hectic life on the backburner.
    Now that you realize your mother deserves to kick back and relax, this foot warmer can help her unwind. It’s comfy and cozy, and can also be passed off as a 22-inch long sleeping bag designed for your feet. You just have to plug it in, select one of the three heating levels, and turn on her TV show.
  9. Food processor and mixer
    This one is for the female friend whose cooking skills might put Gordon Ramsey to shame. But the tricky part is, when your health is in question, learning how to cook an absolutely newer (read: healthier) way can be hard.
    So, for your friend or relative who loves to spend time in the kitchen rustling up a storm, present them with a food processor this year at Christmas. With this high-powered mixing appliance in the kitchen, it’ll be a whole lot easier to blend up a healthy smoothie or soup, instead of the unhealthier alternatives like defrosting a frozen meal or dialing in takeout.
  10. Instant Pot
    If she’s a firm believer in healthy eating, then it’s quite likely she has a pressure cooker on her holiday shopping wish list. A classic Instant Pot would be a great choice as a Christmas gift, as this fits her agenda of eating healthy and staying fit.
    This appliance comes packed with features. It consists of 12 built-in programs, fast cooking time, and a stainless steel bottom. What’s more, you can take your pick from a wide variety of these cookers both online and offline.
  11. Sneakers
    We all have that one friend who is always on the run. Whether they are working out or going to work, a good quality sneaker is going make it a lot convenient for her. Also, choosing this gift will be easy as well, because there are tons of shoe brands that you can consider while buying it.
    While buying, you should look for high quality materials and foot-supportive details. In fact, when you search for that perfect sneaker for her, you can check out some truly next level options that the popular brands have come up with.

Wrapping it up,

While you can come up with a million different ways to spread cheer into the lives of those precious women around you, why not gift them the gift of health? After all, investing in their health is the best way to convey how much you care for them and cherish them.

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Gracie Anderson is a digital marketing professional with years of experience in the field. She has acquired her degree from the University of Sydney. She has been part of Essay assignment help for the past three years.