How to become a social media marketer?

Let me tell you, social media marketing isn’t a need but necessity and it is for everyone. But not everyone needs commercial training for social media. Here I used commercial training to distinguish the use of social networking for personal and business.

I don’t think you need joining a digital marketing institute for learning social media marketing for personal use but if your objective is to make a striking career in the ever-expanding field of social media then I would advise you go to a leading institute of digital marketing for learning tips and tricks from experts.

I want to make it clear that I’m not supporting or recommending any digital marketing institute but highlighting the importance of personal interaction with experts. And also it isn’t necessary to join a classroom training when you can take online training for free. After all, everything depends on your abilities and finance.

As a social media expert, I recommend free learning with social media marketing blogs and there are tons of blogs on social media.


Let’s discuss some of the best blogs for social media training:

1# Social Media Explorer

Attention guys! It is the biggest source of free information on social media and what works in the social channels. It is a digital magazine and it is the largest free magazine on social media learning. Whether you are new to social media or an expert, even I read it regularly; this magazine could help in understanding the nuances of social media.


I rate this blog higher than others and I believe, you’ll also like its posts on social media once you start reading it regularly. Hubspot has a large team of experts that share tips, tricks and their personal experience and views on what works on social media.

3# Search Engine Journal

I am a regular on this blog and I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn and excel in social media. SEJ uses an interactive method to convey its thoughts. The blogs contain graphics and videos wherever necessary.

4# Follow Expert bloggers

Sometimes I think that I should also start writing a blog for training purposes and all. Many social media industry experts have their personal blogs where they share their experiences with readers. These blogs could help in learning new things.

Here I would like to recommend Neil Patel’s Quick sprout blog and also Gary Vaynerchuck of Vayner Media. A

Another name in my mind is Danny Brown who provides comprehensive details of latest trends in social media in his blog.

I think these four blogs are sufficient to start but if you feel the need for commercial training, you can go to any digital marketing institute nearby.

How to find the right Digital marketing institute?

I don’t remember who the best is and how many are there in the market but I believe there would be thousands of big and small institutes providing training to social media enthusiasts.

I won’t recommend any institute but you can find one after going through its curriculum and experience. But I can suggest important factors to look into a social media training program.

Comprehensive: The course curriculum should be comprehensive in nature. It should start from basics and include the latest trends in social media.

Practical training: The training should include hands-on experience on social media strategies. The expert providing training should give a live demonstration of optimizing social media for commercial gains.

Missed classes: An ideal institute would allow covering missed classes so that the students get a complete understanding.

Q&A session: Each class should be followed with a question and answer session where students can ask questions regarding the course.

Guarantee: I suggest digital marketing institutes that give some kind of guarantee like repeating the course within a short time. If you feel you need more education, you should be allowed to join the latest batch but within a time period. I don’t know how practical would it be but I think guarantee would build reliability of training centers.

I think commercial training is necessary to get a certificate that can make you more employable than those who take free training. But if you are already working and simply want to improve your digital marketing skills, you should choose to get training from blogs

Training in theory and working is practical. Blogs would give you an insight into social media and classroom training would show you how things work on social channels. But you need practical training to hone your skills.

My way of practical training on social media

Create a blog: You are ready to apply your social media marketing skills but need a platform. I think the best is to create your own blog and see how you optimize it. Creating a blog isn’t a difficult task. It is free and you can make a blog on anything in social media education.

Keep learning: I am a vociferous reader and I read everything I get my hands on. For me, there is nothing that is out of the purview of social media. Your classroom training will end one day after which you’ll have to find ways to improve your skills. The blogs I mentioned at the beginning would help in staying abreast of social media marketing trends and technologies.

What do people think about social media marketing?

I receive hundreds of emails and read an equal number of posts and comments on a career in social media marketing. It seems that people take social media training lightly. It is an appealing career but not easy. The road to social media optimization is slippery and a single mistake is sufficient to malign your image on social channels.


Social media professionals are in high demand and this demand is expected to keep growing in future. Everyone needs a social media manager but getting a plum job isn’t an easy cake to grab. Blog reading and classroom training can help in understanding the basics but for advance knowledge, you have to be creative. If you can find new ways and tools to optimize social media, you can become a successful social media marketing manager.