How to choose the best jeweller?

Precious stones like gems and diamonds along with fine jewellery are not something that we are going to purchase every time. It possesses uniqueness in the style, origin, and matching. Before you purchase your jewellery, you should find a trustworthy jeweller. Let’s find out some tips to help you.

Is the jeweller established and credentialed?

First of all, choose an AGS certified jeweller. That means the credentials are earned from American Gem Society which is a nonprofit organization of fine professional jewelers. It is always safe a secure to purchase from the jeweller certified from there.

Service offered

A well-educated jeweller will be aware of how to offer the services to his customers in a disciplined manner. It mainly includes helping them with the selection, purchase, easy exchange policy and keeping budget priority. Make sure about their customer service policies like easy repairing, general maintenance, and routine cleaning. Speak with the best jeweller about your queries. Choose a versatile jeweller, so that your jewellery purchase will be much easier and comfortable.

Selections and collections

gold-jewelry-with-gems-showcaseEvery piece of jewellery is unique and it follows some characteristics. Normally you will not be well aware of how to choose the best diamond or an antique piece so that it lasts forever. A jeweller can help to deal with the situation easily if they are ready to make you explore their rare collection of antique and unique gold and gemstones collections.

Is the jeweller knowledgeable?

While purchasing a piece of gem or jewellery, the most important thing to consider is to find a knowledgeable jeweller. The best jeweller can provide you the key information behind every jewellery purchase like diamond education, metal type, gem details and how to take care of your precious collections.

Diamond certification and appraisal

Every diamond is special and ostentatious which makes it irreplaceable. So we have to ensure that the diamond that we are purchasing is worth the money that we spend on it. Both diamond certification and appraisal are two options available here. You may wonder why a friend might suggest you to go for a certification or appraisal on a diamond purchase. Know the difference here and do not compromise on the diamonds. An appraisal is simply the evaluation of the gem by a jeweller or gemologist. It may be inspected in loose, mounted or in its setting. You have to make sure that the person is well trained in this.

In the certification process, you will receive a certificate from a well-organized lab like AGS or GIA. The certification is done only on loose diamonds by the experts, which mainly concentrates on the four C’s- Diamond Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. The main specification is that the diamond certification is performed in diamond laboratories and is purely independent of jewelers and sales. Ensure that your diamond has a GIA, HRD or IGI diamond certification on it.

Does the jeweller listen to you?

The buyer may be inexperienced about the quality of the jewellery that they are going to purchase. The best way to find out what you really want is to ask your jeweller simply and directly. They know much about the role of jewellery in every occasion. Prefer the best jeweller who listens to your needs and desires to someone who urges you to buy anything in their store.

Experienced and certified professional staff

The goal-oriented best jeweller would find experienced professionals as sales staff in his store. They will be cordial, enthusiastic, even-tempered and good at customer service. They can even help you to find that ideal piece of necklace or an earpiece that goes fit with your face and skin tone through their experience. Currently, many stores are providing an ongoing product course training to their sales staff.


You are all about to grab that piece of bracelet which has blown your heart away; the first thing to keep in mind is to find great deals. Otherwise, the cost can be steep out of your budget. Hit the store right after the holidays, it may help to relax your wallet. You can join the mailing list of jewellery stores to know about the discounts and coupons. The best jeweller will update their customers about the new sales.

Beyond selling

A strong sense of integrity and honesty are the best qualities of a jeweller. They can add their value by a good interaction with their customers. The term of being a credible jeweller lies in the two words- trust and influence.

Seek out reviews

You are spending a good amount of money on jewellery. Before you jump out, ask a friend to recommend the best jeweller near you or ask a jeweller for references. Find out their experience in the market or whether they are a member of GIA community. If you prefer to purchase online, check out the reviews of other customers.


You can always seek recommendations from a friend or a professional about the jewellery. Another option is to search for various websites about jewellery stores. If you like online purchase, Sona gold and diamonds is highly recommended due to their good customer service and experience in the industry.

How to choose the best jeweller can be a confusing question pops out when you are about to shop ornaments. Before we step out we should ask ourselves the questions that we discussed above. You have to find a reputed jeweller with whom you can make a life-long good relation. Since we can’t risk our eternal jewellery collections, keep in mind about these little things. Sona gold and diamonds are a wonderful option to check out both for online jewellery shopping and direct purchase.

Have a happy and safe shopping.