How to Choose the Perfect Paint Colour Home Interior?

They say that a ‘home is where the heart is’ and no matter how far we travel across the globe, after a certain point of time most of us crave to go back to our home, lying on our cozy rooms and just relax. Buying a home is indeed an exciting part of our life but at the same time it can turn out to be a daunting one. Nevertheless, whether you already own a house or planning to buy one, one of the most (if not the most) crucial aspect that everyone pays their attention to is the colour of your interiors.

The colour of your interiors exemplifies your knack of selecting the blend of colours for your home. Though there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to colouring your interiors and one can always experiment with it, let’s have a look at few tips about how to choose paint colour for your home.


This is one place on earth where you enjoy your privacy and spend a significant part of your leisure time. Rest, sleep, cuddle, dream or snuggle, your bedroom is where you get cosy. Talking about the colours, one would like to paint their favourite colour on the bedroom walls, opting for darker tones can be a great choice since it adds glamour and gives you a feeling of being enveloped. For instance, the dark indigo is the colour of the night sky and thus can prove to be the perfect colour to sleep under. A rich blue will also look peaceful and tranquil after all your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary away from the world.

Now dark colours are often linked with masculinity, so if you’re more inclined towards lighter shades then a neutral colour palette of creams, soft brown, dove grey, blush pinks with a tinge of gold accents can give your bedroom that elegant, calm and feminine look. If you have no qualms of cleaning your bedroom regularly, then the mighty white colour combined with a gold accent will give it a luxurious touch. Home interior designers in Kochi have been incorporating various ideas and setting new trends, you can always seek advice from them to get that picture-perfect look for your interiors.


As far as the kitchen is concerned, warm and vibrant colours like red are believed to stimulate the appetite and are an excellent option for kitchens. Red is incredibly versatile and there are multiple shades that would really pop in a kitchen, either on the cabinets or the walls. After the bedroom, most of the people especially women start their day in the kitchen, so white can be an ideal choice for it since it has a tendency to energize a room. Indeed it can turn out to be a tough task to maintain its sheen after a period of time, but an all-white kitchen will really wake you up the minute you step in it. You can also experiment with your countertops and backsplash in an all-white kitchen and opt for brighter colours or designs.

If you are too petrified with white walls getting smudged, then you can opt for any blue shades. Shades of blue can create a crisp, clean look and are recommended for walls, cabinets. Blue is an enticing colour and works best when used sparingly otherwise it can overpower a room. Adding a tinge of white, grey or other neutral tones can give it a subtle look. Green and Yellow are other vibrant colours and looks pretty good on Kitchen walls. Yellow can make rooms feel bigger and brighter, and it pairs well with white and grey tones. Whereas, in green try mint and apple green shades and pair it with white and wood accents.

Living Room

Generally, living rooms are given more impetus when it comes to designing interiors since it easily draws more attention than any other part of the home. Also, it’s a place where family and friends gather to spend quality time with each other. Coming back to the colour of interiors, depending upon your taste one can go with a mono colour theme or blend it smartly with multiple colours. If you prefer to play safe, then the classic white with a mix of dark colour themes will go down well with any sort of design.

You can rather think out of the box and choose for more vibrant colours like green. Green echoes the hues of the natural world and is considered as one of the best paint colours for living rooms. Shades like turquoise, mint, teal will look fresh and rejuvenating.

Dark colours like grey will make your living room look more spacious. It will give an elegant look and though it can be used for other sections of your home, it looks more sophisticated in the living room. The all-time favourite blue colour has many luring shades that will go well with neutrals like brown and cream. Moreover, if your living room consists of hardwood floors, blue is an ideal choice to blend with it. On the other hand, if you prefer lighter colours then beige should rank right on the top. A beige themed living room is perfect for people who love the minimalist look, blending them with different shades of white will add more to its aesthetics.

It doesn’t matter whether you like to go for an elegant, formal, modern, casual or traditional look, discuss with your interior designers in Kochi to choose the perfect colour for your home.