How To Take Care of Your Smartphone

Every day new smartphones comes up with upgraded features and better version of the previous one. With internet speeds equaling the speed of light and the incorporation of WiFi technology there is absolutely no limit on what smartphones can do. Each day a common man invests a good amount of money in purchasing phone or tablet and everyone expects it to last a long time. Even though the devices purchased are of high quality, even then there is a possibility that it can become inoperative or gets damaged, especially if you don’t take good care of them. With the fragile make of the smartphone and features that are very sensitive, there is every probability that the slightest of mishandling can damage the mechanism of the smartphone. In this article, we will tell you how to take good care of your smartphone and what things should be kept in mind when taking care of a phone.

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SMARTPHONETo increase general performance, users are recommended to remove unwanted applications, close background programs, use software of memory management, and also use option of factory reset to remove all data saved onto your phone. Here are a few methods:

  1. Keep the phone Fully Charged
    Smartphones work best and last longer when kept fully charged. Find ample time at the end of each day to charge your phone. Do not wait until the phone’s battery becomes completely discharged. This injures the phone’s potential to hold a charge and have an adverse impact on its performance. Using a phone in extreme temperatures can also affect its functioning as this can affect the battery and lower its storage capacity. The lower the temperature of the phone is kept in when used and stored, the longer the battery will last. However this isn’t practically possible but is important to keep in mind when associating with issues of performance.
  2. Use a  Memory Management Software
    Users should download memory management applications on their smartphones. The function of these programs is to restore memory lost by defragmenting the hard drive or do a recovery to find the lost information. Defragmentation also plays a role by increasing the speed of smartphone. Other functions of these apps are that they help them stay on top of their memory usage and helps keep the memory in optimum condition.
  3. Terminate unused apps
    Smartphones unlike desktop computers don’t have the same amount of processing power. Hence, they do tend to lag when multiple programs are running. If the smartphone does start to slow down, it’s time to close a few of the background programs. Each smartphone has different methods to close the background programs.
  4. Clear browser cache
    A cache memory is that memory in the phone that is left after browsing through a webpage or a website. If the internet is used for a very long period of time then it can develop data in the phone’s active memory. The memory in the browser cache can start bottle necking the phone’s active memory and slowing down the phone’s ability to surf the web. In case of such happenings then users should generally clear and remove out their browser cache.
  5. Delete Cookies and Unused Media
    The smartphone is capable of storing and leading to a build-up of much information that may be useful or useless. Such type of information can be received in various forms such as software apps, photos, files, and video. Most of these things can be found in the phone’s Gallery, or on the home screen of your phone. The Other type of information that is saved in the phone’s memory is cookies.  These are programs installed on a user’s website browser to help keep track of their web usage history for marketing purposes. These files fill up the space of a smartphone and are responsible for slowing down the functioning of the phone and cause hindrance to a user.
  6. Factory Reset
    This method is the last resort for a user.  If the phone is really slow and sluggish and there is nothing else a person can do, this method will take the phone back to the condition when it came out of the factory.  Users can restore their phones settings to the factory settings in the following manner:    opening the main Menu >  clicking on Settings > clicking on Privacy > clicking Factory Data Reset .  Now click on reset phone and finally confirm to have the phone erased everything that has been added to it. Everything that the user has added after purchasing of the phone will be deleted and the phone will be as good as new.
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