Inhaled Vapors May Prove Toxic: Here Is Why

As you walk across the park, in public squares and clubs, you will notice that more people, especially young adults, prefer vaping over smoking. Traditional cigarettes are now losing to vaping. More celebrities and iconic figures can now be seen vaping unlike a few decades ago when the coolest thing they could do was to smoke. But the biggest question is why vaping has become such a trend.

According to many reports and many articles that are online today, vaping is far better than smoking. And this is the main reason why people are adopting the habit. Also, the fact that e-juices are made from food-grade ingredients like water, vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG) and flavors influences people to trust e-juice.
But to date, scientific research has never been conclusive on this matter. Scientists still believe that there are some negative health effects from the vapor that are yet to be discovered. Such research takes time because researchers have to monitor users over a long period of time.

Components of E-Juice

young-traveller-man-smoking-an-electronicThe vaping process is pretty simple. The device burns the e-juice using coils that have varying resistances to produce the vapor, which is inhaled. So, it can be concluded that e-juice determines the health effects of vaping. Let us look at some of the common ingredients that are used to make it.

  • Water – this is the main component, which makes up the biggest percentage of the overall ingredients. Manufacturers ensure that they use clean water that is free of germs to avoid contaminating the entire batch of e-juice. If the water has bacterial or other contamination, the e-juice could cause harm to users.
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol – these two components makes the base of the e-juice. Sometimes each is used individually, but the best e-juices use both in various ratios to determine the throat hit and stability of the e-juice. According to health and hygiene experts in different states, these ingredients should be food-grade to avoid complications for vapers. They are also used in many other kitchen ingredients and are, therefore, safe.
  • Flavors – all e-juices have a particular flavor that gives them their name. It makes them interesting to use, and most people make their choices based on the names of these flavors. But can flavors determine whether there will be a health effect or not? Yes, they can. Some flavors like marijuana, eucalyptus, passion fruit and many others are acquired by adding these ingredients. Therefore, people who are allergic to them will be affected.
  • Nicotine – now, this is one of the ingredients that causes health issues for many people. First of all, nicotine is addictive and introduces toxins into the bodies of users. Therefore, it is not recommended without considering this. Those who use it can experience negative health consequences.

Is Vapor or Smoke More Toxic?

dripper-in-one-hand-making-a-cloud-of-fumeAs you visit any e-cigarette shop like ePuffer to buy your device and e-juice, it is good to ask yourself whether you are making the right decision for your health. If you are making a move from cigarette use to vape use, then you are on the right track. But if you have never used either, you need to know that there are some health effects as we will see below.

After comparing vapor to smoke from cigarettes, scientists have found that the former is much better. It has fewer toxins and other harmful substances. The main problem with cigarettes is that the smoke contains a higher number of toxins that have been found to cause cancer and accelerate other chronic illnesses like asthma. Although we can say that vaping is a healthier alternative, it also poses a threat to health when used for many years.

Health Effects of Vapor

blurred-close-up-of-manThe much-awaited part of this topic is whether vaping will expose you to any health risks or not. The answer is absolutely yes. Recently, experts have finalized research that monitored the urine of various users of e-cigarettes to determine the level of toxins in the urine. The answer was shocking and disappointing because all cases came out positive for increased levels of toxins. Therefore, the experts concluded unanimously that vapor raises the level of toxins in the body.

The only difference is that the study participants had varying levels of toxins depending on the ingredients that were used in the e-juice. Those who used nicotine-based e-juice showed the most toxins. But when compared to those who did not use any e-cigarettes, the level was found to be substantially higher and enough to cause the following health effects.

  • Illnesses – toxins and carcinogens are a potential cause of cancer of the lungs, kidneys and other organs. Therefore, people who vape have a higher risk of contracting illnesses compared to those who do not even if they exercise and eat a healthy diet. These healthy behaviors cannot completely compensate for vaping.
  • Memory loss – toxins are known to harm the brain and cause loss of memory for users. Although it is not very common, experts claim that there is the possibility of causing health issues for your brain. Both the young and old are at risk.
  • Allergy – vapor is inhaled and passes through the respiratory system to the lungs before it is exhaled out. This is how users enjoy and feel the effect of vaping. But all this can cause allergic reactions and inflammation to people who are allergic.
  • Reduced lifespan – as your body is impacted slowly by the toxins, the lifespan of a person can be reduced. Most of us know that smoking a traditional cigarette reduces your life by 4 minutes. And if vaping has a risk too, you can guess that some minutes of your life are deducted. It is important that you know this.


What else is there to know about vaping? It is not as safe as many people thought. Even if you start today, at least you know what you are beginning. Therefore, you will want to find ways of reducing the negative effects like using legit e-juices, vaping nicotine-free e-cigs and exercising to flush out some toxins.