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Is Choosing the Right Country a Prime Factor in Studying Abroad?

If you are planning to study abroad, then there are many things that you must consider. Apart from the college or university, you plan to study at, you have to take the program details and many other such things into consideration. However, the foremost thing that you must ponder upon is the country itself. USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are some of the most renowned countries when it comes to education abroad. All these countries offer excellent educational programs and certificate courses with global recognition. Germany, France, Spain, and Russia are also very famous when it comes to classroom-based programs. But most of them are highly expensive and out of budget for most of the students coming from the middle-class families

Also, with so many options to choose from, it becomes really tough to just pick any one country. This is where the admission consultancy proves helpful. Choosing some reputed Admission consultants in Dubai to shortlist a country is the best option. Another important point is that some Western Countries are better for advanced studies and research-intensive programs. The Australian and New Zealand Universities are better for Management and Business Programs. Further, the national language; currency exchange rate; weather; regional influences; cuisine and many other things play important roles in making the final choice.

In the following post, we will be reflecting on the importance of choosing a country for studying abroad and what makes it so.

So, read it carefully before you make the final choice for international education.

Choosing the country – Is it really that important?

study abroad students happyWell, the answer is YES! Choosing the right country for your course is crucial. Not only it decides your career trajectory, but it also plays a huge role in budget and overall foreign exposure. Choosing an advanced country that offers plenty of exposure during and after the studies for the domain chosen by you is essential. Also, it is important to choose a country that is peaceful and has a favourable environment for students from a multicultural background. After all, you don’t want to spend most of the time hidden in your dorm with almost zero friends to interact and go out with.

Job prospects in a particular country also influence your career after the course is complete. The migrant policies; permanent resident status; and visa formalities etc. also influence the choice. Learning a new language that is altogether new might become an additional burden. Though English is a universal language, it will be of little help in France, Germany, China and Russia etc. So, make a choice accordingly.

Finally, cuisine and weather are also highly important. Most of the countries offer a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. However, the prices might escalate for the countries that rely on imports for some food items. If you are not a non-vegetarian, then say bye to the extremely cold countries such as Russia and China. Similarly, extremely hot or extremely cold weather can become a hindrance for acquiring studies. Both situations call for finding accommodations well-equipped to deal with the weather extremes, which might be another factor weighing down the budget!

Now that we have developed an initial idea let us move ahead and learn more about the ways a right choice can make a huge difference in your education and career.

How to decide where to study abroad?

The process is easy but requires research and right guidance. If you approach any admission consultants they have experts that understand the course and course requirements in the best manner. If you wish to do it personally, then you can follow these steps:

  • Check out the countries that offer the course you want to study
  • Find out the universities and their global rankings for the course
  • Shortlist the names and check out the course details and admission processes
  • Check the fee details and other budget requirements
  • Shortlist 4 or 5 countries and take expert advice for making the final choice

Ways in which a country can influence your education and career:

  • A right country can not only help you achieve the best quality education in a competitive environment but also help you find the best job opportunities after the course completion.
  • The education and exposure to the course and subject knowledge are immense, which certainly enhances the quality of education.
  • If you want to work side by side learning, then it is important to choose a country that allows the students to work based on skill-sets as well as in general.
  • A right country can certainly hone your talent and bring out the best version of you.

So, don’t forget to take expert help and do your homework (completely) before you finalize the country to study abroad.