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Quick and beautiful landscape makeovers for homes and offices with faux flowers

Landscaping décor ideas at commercial places are not much different from the domestic décor ideas. Both require skilled professional approach with the right products to light up the landscape and give it a long lasting glow to treat every visitor with warmth and comfort. Though the landscaping ideas are similar, the commercial landscaping décor looks to attain more flexibility and classy look whereas the domestic landscapes look to be more comfortable and cozy setup. Modern ideas and technologies are essential for landscaping and among them silk plants are most commonly used in landscaping recently.

landscape makeovers for homes

Artificial plants in landscaping

Here are some of the advantages in landscaping exclusive to the artificial plants-

  • Beautiful- artificial plants have great aesthetic value in any landscape. Though artificial, they bring the fresh natural vibes inside the concrete jungle and transform any dull landscape into an awe inspiring set up.
  • Durable- artificial floral arrangements and plants will retain the fresh look forever, unlike the real plants. You can use them outdoors also as they can withstand the harsh weather conditions.
  • Complete landscape- the wide range of artificial landscaping products can be used to make a complete landscape. You can include your favorite plants and trees including the shrubs and all other items in any natural habitat.
  • Zero maintenance- artificial landscape requires zero maintenance and the plants won’t require regular watering and pruning like in the real plants. It’s an ideal feature for commercial areas.
  • Quick and fully customizable- being artificial products, you can customize them as per requirement and use them the way you want in your building. They are also fast methods as you need not wait for them to grow.

Fast landscaping methods with artificial plants

The wide range of silk plants can convert any landscape instantly as they are easy to install and give instant enhancement and adds the ‘awe’ factor to the setting. For example, you can use the artificial floral arrangements to infuse beauty into the landscape and add the cozy factor, artificial topiary trees for adding sophistication and classiness to it, silk ferns for their delicate beauty, artificial palm tree for their impact in the landscape and so on.

You can get the desired landscape or any plant or tree in your place even if it doesn’t grow in your region.

It’s the ideal choice if you have to enhance any place within a very short time and without any flaws. The professional finish of the landscaping décor makes it essential for homes and office.

Ideal places for landscaping with the artificial plants

  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Offices and corporate sectors.
  • Hospitals.
  • Theme parks.
  • Government buildings.
  • Shopping malls and multiplexes.
  • Holiday resorts.
  • Any domestic building or setup.
    Apart from the above mentioned locations, you can also use it anywhere else as they are completely flexible and perfect for any location. The products are customizable to suit the needs perfectly. Let us take a look at some of the outstanding artificial landscaping items.

Artificial floral arrangements
Some of the brilliant artificial flower collection comprises of daffodils, petunias, daisies and a lot more. You can choose any item from sprays, single stems, bouquets, hanging baskets, bushes, garlands, wreaths, teardrops and many more. You can check out the dashing collection and pick the perfect item for your landscape. They are optimal for any indoor as well as outdoor landscape as they are made of finest materials.

Artificial tropical plants
If you are missing any tropical plant in your landscape only because it doesn’t grow naturally, these are just for you. You can check out the brilliant artificial tropical plants collection of sprays, single stem, leaf, bush or complete set. Choose from the vibrant varieties of Yucca, palms, eucalyptus and a lot more and instantly enhance your landscape effortlessly with them. Unlike real plants, they are maintenance free and ideal for outdoor setups. You may also plan a complete tropical set up with the amazing artificial tropical plants to bring in the fresh natural vibes.

Faux trees
If you are missing a landscaping item with the impact, the faux trees are ideal for you. Starring the wide range of olive, pine, bamboo and a lot more these are perfect for office or domestic landscaping. You can check out the decorative trees for outdoor landscaping and add the surprise factor to the landscape.

Fake palm tree
The artificial landscaping products contain wide range of fake palm tree including banana, areca, coconut, bamboo and a lot more. The tropical greenery is just amazing to give the natural touch in any concrete jungle. They give the sophisticated touch and also maintain the classy décor anywhere you want. The artificial palm fronds have a delicately beautiful appeal which is ideal for hanging on doors for giving a completely fascinating experience to the visitors.

Faux topiary
The wide range of fully customizable topiary can give a completely unique set up. You can check out the unique topiary balls, hedges, spirals, cones and other brilliant items. You can do a lot of creativity with them by transforming the walls into green walls by covering them up with mats, or create a unique logo or symbol with the artificial topiary. They are unique, effortless, and simply brilliant for any landscape. It has the ability to attract the attention of the people and also give a memorable experience.

Outdoor silk plants
The complete collection of outdoor silk plants comprise of some of the fascinating items for any outdoor. Pick you item from the artificial outdoor shrub or bushes, hanging vines, grasses, foliage, garlands, etc. They are colorful, vibrant and simply amazing for a jaw dropping experience at you place.

The silk plants are made using Perma Leaf technology using best quality pigments and material to give long lasting beauty outdoors and also block the UV rays. They won’t fade for longer times.