Medical Tourism in India

Travelling is a basic instinct of man in search of food, shelter, vocation, entertainment and also for   getting medical benefits. Since few decades, it is observed that travel industry is growing alarmingly. Medical tourism is growing at a rapid pace. When people travel to another country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that country, it is known as medical tourism. Medical tourism is also known as Health tourism, medical travel or global healthcare.

Some may travel due to non-availability of medical surgeon, for dental care, genetic disorders, derma therapy, heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, Ayurvedic surgery etc. Many people may opt to receive treatment in other countries due to unwillingness of compromising their health because of high cost of treatment.Medical Tourism in India

Medical industry is growing nearly at 30% in India. According to estimates, 47% of the tourist visiting India is for medical purpose only. India is among the top three medical tourism destinations in Asia. Millions of people come to India every year to get medical facilities.

Why India
The main reasons for being one of the most preferred destinations is low cost of treatment, less waiting time, world class quality, personalized services, rich cultural heritage, quality healthcare infrastructure and availability of highly-skilled doctors etc.

Who Provide Such Facility
Travel India Company, a reputed travel operator based in Bangalore offer medical tourism in India. Kerala is the best place to get Ayurveda therapy.

Benefits Of Medical Tourism

  • Affordability and cost effectiveness- the main reason is low cost of treatment.
  • It gives the patient to instant medical care with no or minimal waiting time.
  • Post recovery services are also available along with the chance of exploring that place.
  • High quality medical care- most of the doctors are highly qualified. Better quality services of medical centers are available. Latest medical instruments are available.
  • Improved communication services- internet has played a great role for effective communication. Patients can now book the schedule for surgery sitting at home. This eliminates the need for going to clinics. The only thing they have to do is to leave their house is on the day of surgery. It is a convenient way of getting medical treatment. Language is no barrier. English is common. Moreover, one can hire a translator.
  •  Cheap cancer hospitals are available in India.
  • Travel opportunities- besides getting medical care, the person have the option to travel to another country.
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Negative Impacts or Disadvantages

  • Medical malpractices- in order to make profits, many medical institutions indulge in malpractices.
  • Many legal requirements have to be met. Getting a visa is one of the major problems. It can be a tedious for the patient and may prove a hindrance in getting medical care.
  • Language barriers can be there. It may be difficult for a patient to communicate with the doctor.
  • The patient may have to spend more time during the post recovery period which may lead to more expenditure.
  • Travel cost can be high in some places. Along with medical expenditure, there are expenses related to accommodation, booking of flights etc.

For getting medical benefits i.e. high quality of treatment at affordable price, the concept of health tourism is highly appealing.  The global growth of medical tourism has attracted the attention of many countries including India.Medical tourism is getting popularity with the passage of time and the number of medical tourist visiting India is also increasing. There is a need to develop healthcare standards, infrastructure facilities up gradation of technology to make India the most preferred destination in the world. The govt. has to play a greater role in promoting medical tourism in India. Legal procedures should be liberalized. Wrong doers should be penalized. The license of those doctors who indulge in malpractices should be cancelled. Private sectors should be encouraged to invest in such area. Govt. sector and private sector should go hand in hand to promote medical tourism in India. Social media can also sensitize the public regarding the benefits of medical tourism. At the individual, also the patient / tourist should take care of choosing a correct medical service to avoid pitfalls. Medical tourism should be highly promoted as it can bring large amount of revenue, which will ultimately lead to economic growth of India.

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