Seven Digital Marketing Trends That One Must Know

The business owners should develop a flexible and dynamic digital marketing strategy in which is easy for them to bring changes according to the upcoming opportunities and technological advancement to remain ahead in the competition. With the change of consumer preferences, the trends of digital marketing are also changing, and marketers are adapting those changes to keep the audience engaged, and it is a key to the success of your business digital marketing strategies if you continue to adapt new trends. Here are seven digital marketing trends that one must know this year to remain ahead among the competitors.


1.     Personalized Content:

People are now looking for more information from the brands and companies like never before. People are spending hours and hours scrolling up and down on the social media platforms in search of what they need from a particular brands webpage or social media channel of that small business. Brands should focus more on using different communication channels to deliver personalized messages to the target customers. This year digital marketing strategy will include the adaption of sending personalized content to their customers depending on their location, interests, demographic details and purchasing habits. This way brands will be able to generate more revenue and will increase customers’ loyalty by overall experience the brand will provide them.

2.     Go mobile or go home:

All the brands should focus on improving their websites speed for the mobile-user traffic, as people are now using mobile more than any other device for browsing through the options whenever they are planning on buying something. Marketers should develop a marketing strategy based on mobile-friendly usage to ensure that all the online traffic accessing your websites through their smartphones has an uninterrupted browsing experience.

3.     Remarketing Ads:

So many users visit your website and go through the content posted on your site but leave without actually buying anything. For the second chance to make consumers buy your product you should use this technique of remarketing ad. You can remarket your ad by making your ad pop-up onto some other browser where the user who left your website earlier might be using to remind him/her of the product they once searched for but didn’t buy. Maybe this pop-up remarketing ad will make them purchase the product/service this time.

4.     Incorporate video:

Creating video ads for the marketer is not something new, they should still need to continue to hold on to this trend as it is not going anywhere soon. People are still interested in watching video marketing ads and the maximum online traffic recorded is towards the post where videos are incorporated. By creating high quality informative and creative videos for targeting a different type of customers you can gain the attention of the audience in no time.

5.     Live-streaming:

Since the day this feature has been launched on the social media platforms people are going crazy about these live-streaming videos by their favourite brands, celebrities, and influencers. This trend of adopting live-video by the businesses will increase the audience engagement and attention more than ever. The reason behind this insane and rapid response of audience towards these live-streaming videos is that people are looking for direct interaction with the brands as well as they want to see more of these brands which are authentic and are not scripted. All the social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat have introduced this feature of going live for the audience.

The number of online traffic towards these live streaming videos is more than the online traffic is towards the recorded video posted on these social media accounts. Through these live streaming videos, you can engage your target audience to build a strong relationship with your customers to make your business the hot topic to talk about the public.

6.     Influencer Marketing:

Brands should focus on finding influencers within their customers base first if they can’t find one then they should approach influencers on social media platforms with a great number of followers. Influencer marketing is booming day by day as businesses have earned more revenue and brand publicity by adapting this digital marketing trend. Businesses are also working on finding influencers within their customers’ base to tell their brand story to the audience and explain how it has been beneficial for them.

As customer speaking their best thoughts related to your brand will have a great impact on your business. People are now looking for more authentic videos, and this customers-base influencer will give them exactly what they wanted. All the social media influencers will help you maintain your online presence as well as it will drive more customers to your business as people are now making 92% of their purchasing decisions on the basis of recommendations.

7.     Chatbots and AI will keep innovating:

So many brands are using Chatbots to provide their customers with the facility to communicate with them directly. As they are using these Chatbots to know their customer personally, this will be useful for the brands to create more personalized content to engage the customers. The chatbots are now embedding with automated software (AI) which is making it easier for the brands to respond with personalized message to the customers immediately.

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