The Essential Elements of Amazing Essay

Educational routine cannot be imagined without writing. Every student writes thousands of assignments yearly, and essay remains one of the most popular tasks. Not surprisingly, essay writing is a complex task that requires a lot of attention and research. Without a plan and proper structure, it is easy to miss some essential constituents of the paper. This article will inform you about must elements of writing to prepare an amazing essay.


  1. Controversial idea

If you are wondering how to start an essay introduction, firstly you should come up with the idea. The key concept of your writing has to be current issue or problem that is to be discussed.

Your idea is basically the topic of your essay. It is stated in the introduction part. The idea has to presented in the form of question or problem to engage the attention of potential reader. Think about issues, which concern you the most and decide on the controversial one.

  1. Reason for writing

When you came up with the idea, you have to explain your reason for choosing such topic. The motive for writing has to be echoed throughout the paper and maintained with your thoughts and facts.

To explain the reason, state why you consider this issue essential. Present your beliefs and opinion on aspects of the problem and encourage the reader to keep reading.

  1. Proper structure

Any building needs a foundation. It won’t stand straight without a base underneath. The same is with your essay. But the foundation of your essay is proper structure.

The structure will keep all the constituents of the paper in harmony. It means you have to start with essay intro, then work on the main body and end with conclusions. What are primary constituents of each structure element?

  • As was already stated, this part has to depict your idea and reason for choosing the particular topic.
  • Main body. This part has to contain facts, maintained by your arguments. Facts can be events or phenomena that have connection to your topic. Arguments are integral elements of an argumentative paper. Arguments have to prove the point or question it.
  • In this part, you have to resolve the problem stated in the beginning. Conclusions make your paper complete and clear.

Those structure parts are obligatory for every academic assignment.

  1. Examples

Examples are perfect instruments in convincing readers. The examples have to support your arguments and demonstrate opinion on the question or issue. Choose events that happened with you and describe their connection to the idea of your writing. Alternatively, you can comprise historical events or arguable phenomena serving as examples, to the main body.

  1. Explanation.

Every opinion, fact or example in your essay has to be explained. That means you have to give an overview of the background information and provide a logical depiction of the events, which affected the flaw of occasions.

Explanation demands you to provide details and clear presentation of opinion. You have to describe information precisely not missing a single fact and circumstance. Create a complex story, every constituent of which has a meaning.

  1. Consequent connection.

Coherence makes every writing enjoyable to read. Yes, interesting because it connects elements to each other in a complete structure. How to achieve coherence in your persuasive essay? Start with simple sentences. Then develop your idea with subordinate arguments and examples. All the parts of the story have to correspond to primary belief or opinion. Paraphrase the topic and use keywords to show the coherence in the paper.

  1. Analysis

To solve the problem or issue stated in the beginning, you have to conduct the study. Examine the arguments and examples, evaluate the results you achieved and cogitate on the flaw of things depicted.

If you use citations, the analysis is essential here to present your own opinion on mentioned fact. Use your words to describe what you think about the problem and what solutions or techniques you would recommend.

  1. Solutions and conclusions

Ending your essay, you have to address the initial issue. Offer possible solutions to the problem, and present conclusions to every opinion expressed. Don’t paraphrase the topic or idea: you can be misunderstood and the ending will be confusing. Instead, try answering such questions:

  • How your topic correlates with current tendencies?
  • Do your arguments prove the opinion?
  • What is your attitude to the problem/issue?

As an option, you can leave the reader with an open question to provide food for thought.

  1. Proper essay format

Content is important. But the general look of written paper is also crucial. Headings, margins, and fonts have to correlate with approved standards. Most of the professors demand the assignment to be formatted by MLA or APA recommendations. Edit your text following those instructions to present well-structured paper.

As you see, you don’t have to know fantastic essay writing techniques to write an informative and engaging text. Minding elements described above you can create an academic masterpiece.

Sandra Larson is a freelance writer and editor for She is enthusiastic about creating stories and helping students with their assignments. Being a university graduate, Sandra is getting her second education. This woman loves sharing useful tips with young generation and giving her expert opinion on academic struggles.