Things to consider when buying a furnace in Seattle

Winter is fast approaching and it’s time to make sure your furnace system is in good working condition. With the harsh Seattle winter, the last thing you would wish for is a poor working furnace that can’t push you through the season.

If you are budgeting for a new furnace installation or repairs before winter hits, then Seattle Furnace is the place to go.

The primary reason for this article is to walk you through some of the vital things you should consider when buying a new furnace for your home.

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1. Furnace’s fuel source

Different houses have different connections of fuel source. When purchasing a furnace, it’s essential to choose those that are compatible with the fuel source you use in your house.

Below are some of the fuel sources available in the market.

Gas: Gas furnace operates on natural gas to warm the house. They are more energy savers compared to its counterparts.

Propane: Propane furnace produces a considerable amount of heat; it’s significantly more expensive to run than gas furnace due to high prices of oil. However, it can serve as a substitute to gas furnace especially in remote areas where gas lines are not available.

Electric: Electric furnace is the most expensive to run because they create heat from electricity. However, they are the most popular type of heater since most homes are connected to power.

2. Size of the furnace

Size usually matters. To get the best out of your furnace, its size must be compatible with your home’s specifics.
If you choose a small furnace, there is a high chance of it not keeping up with the task at hand, whereas if you go for a bigger furnace system, it will provide heat to your house inefficiently and continuously go on and off.

To get the correct size of your furnace, it’s essential to contact HVAC companies in order to be advised on the right size to get. Follow this link to see more factors to consider when choosing a furnace

3. Furnace warranty

Although most appliances come with a manufacturer’s warranty, it’s vital to cross check whether your furnace system has a warranty before buying it.

There are two types of warranty coverage that most furnaces systems come with. The first one is always on the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is undoubtedly the priciest component to repair or replace. Heat exchangers mostly have a minimum warranty period of 10 years.

The second coverage is the Main Component Warranty. It provides coverage for components such as blower motors, igniters, electronic controls and other main critical parts of the furnace. The cover has a warranty period that ranges from 1year to 10 years.

However, the manufacturer’s warranties are limited only to the cost of replacements, but the labor costs come from your pockets.

4. Expected operating cost

When budgeting for a furnace, it’s always important to ask for the expected monthly operational expense. It will be unrealistic to go for a system that will drain your finances when it comes to the maintenance and operational cost.

The operational cost depends on many things such as:

The fuel source: As stated above different fuel source have different functional value. For instance, operating an electric furnace system is more expensive than a gas furnace system.

Ventilation: Your home’s ventilation helps in determining the amount of heat required to keep the house warm. A well-insulated house needs little heat to keep it warm which translates to low operational cost and vice versa.

The size of your house: The larger your home is, the more heat required to keep it warm which translates to higher operational cost.

To read more on the operational cost of a furnace system click here.

Home is where you go to get some rest and peace of mind after having a long day in the office or out in the field. When it comes to comfort, never let the price stop you from getting the best out of your home. Investing in a furnace system is a good idea that brings comfort right to your doorstep. Make sure you are all set and ready for when the winter finally arrives.