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Tips to Select Medical Entrance Coaching Centre for Repeater Batch

The education system in India takes a different turn when a student enters class 11th. Students get divided into different streams according to their preferences. The most preferred stream is science. Most of the parents wish for their child to either crack NEET or AIIMS and become a doctor or crack JEE exam to become an engineer.

Medical exams such as NEET and AIIMS are the toughest. Students start preparing from class ninth itself. More than 7 lakh students appear for the examination but only a chosen few qualify. What about other people who don’t crack it in the first go? They either quit the race and switch their career choices or go for medical entrance repeater course.

If you are also one of the crowd, who couldn’t crack the examination in the first attempt, worry not. There’s still time to get a seat in the top colleges of the country. You need to work hard and prepare yourself for a second attempt.

When preparing for a second attempt, many students stick to self-preparation. Self-preparation is good but not that effective when you are attempting an exam for a second time. You should have the proper guidance of peers and subject teachers who can help you out.

But where will you find teachers who are proficient in their job and ensure that you get through in the second attempt? Well, the answer is easy. You need to join a medical entrance coaching centre.

You should be mindful of certain things before joining a coaching centre. Here are some tips to select medical entrance coaching centre for repeater batch.

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  1. Look for a coaching centre’s records. If more than fifteen or twenty years have elapsed since their establishment, they will be pretty good at their job. You should visit the coaching centre and check out their previous records. The percentage of selection for each batch will tell you a story about their success ratio. At times, many of the coaching centres publicise fake percentage reports to attract students. Don’t fall prey to such schemes.
  2. Visit the premises of the entrance coaching centres. When you are selecting a coaching centre, you should remember that it’s not only the quality of the teachers but also the ambiance that will affect your preparation.
  3. When you visit the premises of a coaching centre, you get a chance to interact with other students and the respective teachers. It will give you a fair idea of whether you will be able to adjust to the given atmosphere or not.
  4. When you check the previous year’s records of a coaching centre, see if they have any topper or list of toppers who joined the same coaching for medical entrance preparation. If you do come across a few names, reach out to these people individually and ask them about the coaching. If reaching out to them is not possible, contact their parents. Do not rely solely on their interviews that are published in newspapers. Because at times, they are exaggerated and fake.
  5. Check the number of students that sit in one classroom. If possible, attend demo classes. If the percentage of the population is large, avoid joining such coaching. It’s because you will not get ample space to put forth your doubts in front of the teacher. It may happen, that the teacher may not even know your name until the last month of the preparation. You should always go for a coaching centre that has a small batch of students. It enables a healthy discussion between teachers and students, and teachers can focus more on the weaknesses and strengths of each student individually.
  6. The course material also forms an integral part of the preparation. Most of the students do not check the course material before joining a caring centre, and later get disappointed with the material that’s provided to them. You can easily avert this situation. When you visit a coaching centre, ask them to show you their course material. It will give you a fair idea of what to expect and you can decide accordingly.
  7. Some coaching centres have teachers specializing in chemistry, few in physics and others in biology. When you wrote the exam for the first time, you would have become aware of which subjects are your strengths and which ones need to be worked upon. To strengthen your weak subjects and to maintain a balance between all three of them, you should join coaching that has teachers specializing in either all three of them or the ones that need to be worked upon by you.
  8. When you are exploring the premises of a coaching centre, visit the reception and ask about the fee structure. Many coaching centres charge exorbitant fees for one year. It’s a sheer wastage of money to pay such exorbitant fees when you can find alternatives in the vicinity. When you ask about the fee structure, also ask whether it’s refundable or nom-refundable. Ask what portion of fees is refundable. Do not forget to ask whether the fees need to be paid in one installment or several installments.
  9. Try looking for caching centres that conduct scholarship tests for the repeaters. You can easily find many coaching centres that do so. It’s because they want to attract students and you can benefit from it by sitting through the scholarship test. If you do end up scoring high marks, you can expect a substantial discount on the coaching fees.
  10. Stay in tune with the dates of new batches that commence for the repeaters. If you do not join at the beginning of the session, you will again lose out on important topics and discussions. It will again affect your scores in the end exams.
  11. Ask the teachers about the exam schedules and tests that are conducted to assess the preparation level of the students. See whether weekly tests are conducted or not for all the three subjects. Also, whether teachers analyse the paper and allow you to clear your doubts individually after the declaration of weekly results or not.

Hope you get a better overview of the tips to select medical entrance coaching centre for repeater batch. No matter which coaching you look for, do not forget to follow these tips.

Joining coaching is only one step towards cracking the medical entrance exam. It all boils down to your perseverance, diligence and sincerity. If you are honest in your preparation, it will be reflected in your final results. Do not regret or feel guilty about writing an exam for the second time. Not all people make it in the first attempt. And it’s better to wait and strive for the best college than to get settled in an average one. After all, a career is not temporary. It will chart the course of your entire life. Once you work hard for the entrance exam and grab a seat in the top colleges of the country, life becomes a little easier. You won’t have to slog like your counterparts who didn’t study with sincerity for the exam.

So, join a good coaching centre, prepare well and you will be good to go.