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Top 3 Affordable Countries For Indian Students To Study Abroad

We live in an era that prioritizes education above everything else. Every student wants to get world-class education. Parents are investing money to make best quality education accessible to their children. Nowadays, parents prefer sending their kids abroad to pursue graduation or post-graduation. You can consider the following three countries which are affordable for Indian students to study abroad.

List of 3 Affordable Countries For Indian Students To Study Abroad



Canada is renowned for imparting quality education at an affordable cost. Here are some facts you should consider if you are planning to apply to study abroad in Canada:

It has excellent ranking

Canada has a total of 98 Universities and multiple colleges and institutes. 26 universities out of 98 universities fall in QS World Rankings.

  • 3 Canadian Universities are in the top 50.
  • 10 Canadian Universities are in the top 300
  • The rest 13 Canadian Universities are in top 700

It has an intake system that is convenient for Indian students

Canada has three intakes in a year:

  • January
  • May (least intake)
  • September (major intake)

One can choose from different undergraduate degrees-

If you are planning to pursue education from Canada after 10+2, there are three options you can choose from:

  • Diploma Course: 2 years
  • Advance Diploma Course: 3 years
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 4 years

These programs are offered by colleges and universities.

If you are planning to pursue diploma & advanced diploma : You need 55% scores in best four subjects; 6.0 overall IELTS band with 5.5 minimum bands in each; 1 year study gap acceptable when justified.

If you are planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree: You need 80% score; 6.5 overall IELTS band with 6 minimum bands in each.

You can choose from postgraduate degrees available in Canada

There are specific requirements when it comes to applying for a postgraduate and Master’s degree in Canada.-

Master Degree: Canadian Universities accept only 16 years of academic education. You will become eligible only if you have 70 to 75 per cent scores; 6.5 overall IELTS band and 6 minimum bands in each.

Postgraduate Diploma/ Certificate course: The duration for these courses last from 8 months to 1 year. You will become eligible only if you have 55 percent academic scores; 6.5 overall IELTS band and 6 minimum bands in each.

You can contact any good Canada study abroad consultants for the application process.


Australia features in the top study abroad destinations across the globe for Indian students. It is the most preferred destination for Indian students. Here are some facts you should consider if you are planning to apply to Australia:

Best programs in Australia

Students from India enrolled in Australian educational institutes. They prefer Australia for a management course, business course and other programs such as accounting, health care, IT, hotel management and MBA.

Perks of an Australian education

There are some advantages and disadvantages for Indian students wishing to study in Australia. Along with getting good international exposure, a diverse cultural interaction and a strong statement for your CV, here are some more reasons to study in Australia.

  • Education is expensive in Australia, but you can take advantage of scholarship opportunities.
  • You can obtain post-study work visas from the Australian government.
  • You can work during vacations to earn money and ease your financial burden.
  • You can apply for permanent residency after working for four years.

With the help of some experienced Australia study abroad consultants you can make your application process easily.

New Zealand

New Zealand attracts students from across the globe for higher education. It has recently gained prominence amongst Indian students. Here are some facts which makes New Zealand, an affordable country for Indian students to study abroad.

  1. World-Renowned Qualification – The 8 universities of New Zealand have secured top rankings in the world.
  2. Unmatched Education Model – The teaching method used in New Zealand is similar to that of the United Kingdom and India. Students have the liberty to interact with teachers.
  3. Research-Based Education – Universities have well-equipped laboratories. One can conduct extensive research in the field of Geology, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Healthcare, Agriculture, Astrology, etc.
  4. Affordable Fees – The cost of studying in New Zealand is less in comparison to other countries like Australia, UK, Germany, Australia etc. You can afford studying in New Zealand even if you have budget constraints.
  5. A Safe Destination – The people of New Zealand are affable and hospitable towards international students. This country is peaceful. This makes it one of the safest countries across the globe. Once your child settles in New Zealand, you need not worry about his safety anymore.
  6. Job Opportunities – There are amazing job offers that an international student can accept once he receives his degrees.

If you are planning to go to New Zealand for higher studies, you can contact New Zealand study abroad consultants for the application process.

Many Indian students aspire to study abroad. It gives them exposure to a vibrant culture, allows them to meet people from different countries, it heralds an array of opportunities for them. If you are one of these students planning to study abroad, you need to be good at academic and extra-curricular. These universities are very selective when it comes to admitting students.

You will have to prepare your essays and collect recommendations from your teachers. These essays and recommendation letters will play a vital role in your admission process. Admission officers need an applicant who stands out in the crowd. Make sure you highlight your achievements but don’t exaggerate them.

If you need financial aid, ask your consultant to file for the scholarships or grants provided by the universities. You can work after your college hours and earn money to ease your financial burden.It’s not that you can’t figure out the admission process on your own. But having a consultant can be convenient if you are stuck in the process and miss out on the deadline for submitting applications. These consultants have many years of experience and can provide you with practical knowledge of the universities you want to apply to. So, if you have chosen the university or country you want to study in, contact a consultant and start with your application process as soon as possible.

Well, these are the top 3 affordable countries for Indian students to study abroad.If you are someone who wanted to continue your education abroad you can choose any of these countries. All these 3 countries are affordable and excellent for abroad education.