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Top Recruiting Companies – Why Companies Prefer Agencies

With the number of companies that prefer to use hiring agencies whenever they have positions they need to fill, it is apparent that there are definite benefits to this choice of theirs. To help us understand why these companies make this choice, let’s examine some of the benefits they derive from it.

The Benefits

Increased Hiring Efficiency

A company that is focused solely on helping companies fill positions will certainly possess remarkable experience in this area. Since this is something they do exclusively, and their staff are hired based on their ability to excel in this field, it will be difficult and very expensive for a company to attempt to setup an in-house hiring mechanism that will work as smoothly as those of these top recruiting companies.

As a result of their experience and skill set among other things, they are able to offer a highly efficient hiring process. Any company that pays their fees gets to enjoy this same level of efficiency but at a fraction of what it would have cost them to replicate the same thing in-house.

Faster Hiring Time

The regular process of hiring a new staff through an in-house process involves placing adverts for the role in various media, receiving and sorting the applications, shortlisting those to be interviewed and then interviewing them before deciding on the preferred candidate(s). This process will usually take weeks to get completed. If it is position that needs to be filled quickly, it would have to remain unfilled until the entire process is completed.

The second option is to opt to get an agency to fill the position. Once the role and qualification needed is specified, the agency may not need to place any form of advert because they are already in possession of the qualifications of many job seekers. By simply going through their database, they can find the right fit for that position and have it filled in a matter of days.

This quick turnaround time is something that businesses love especially since it does not affect the quality of the selection process.

Lower Hiring Cost

Did you know that the process of hiring new staff can be as high as $7,645? This was revealed in an article which you can find here. Of course, not everyone will spend up to this amount but you can at least get the idea. There are several stages to the process and we have described a few of these above. To this list you can add the training that the new employee may need before getting started.

It is possible to save a lot of money by simply having a recruitment agency fill the position for you. You will save the cost your adverts would have taken, the time your staff would have spent on the process, time that would have been spent on core business assignments and a possible loss in revenue arising from these distractions.
This is one of those few times that you get something better for less.

Access to a Wider Pool of Talents

Job seekers are constantly submitting their qualifications to agencies even when there is no opening that suits them on ground. This allows these agencies to stock up on candidates who are qualified in different fields. Once an opening is communicated to the agency, it is just a matter to wading through their pool of talents to find the right candidate.

In some cases, the company can actually find someone who is so qualified that additional training may not be required. The hiring company may never have access to the kinds of talents that the top recruiting agencies may have.

Increased Hiring Security

Nothing can be as annoying and as inconveniencing to a business as going through the stress of hiring a candidate and then having that person quit after a short while. This is something that happens and companies do not love it.

According to a recent article, this costs the economy big time. You can read about it here: https://recruitingtimes.org/business-movers-shakers/24742/the-latest-employee-turnover-statistics-will-shock-employers/. Agencies provide some guarantee that assures the company that their candidate will remain for at least an agreed on period. If the candidate fails to stay for that period, the agency will refill the position without any charge or they will refund what they were paid in the first place for the job.

Having looked at the benefits listed above, it should be pretty clear why the number of companies that prefer working with job agencies do so.